International Kissing Day – 6 July

International Kissing Day – 6 July

Do you like kissing? Want to live healthier, happier and longer? Then July 6 is the day you'll like best.
Kisses - not only for Prince Charming
Do you like kissing? Then go for it, because July 6 is Kissing Day. This originated in 1990 from the British National Kissing Day, which celebrated not only passion and love, but also the fun of kissing itself.

Kisses have always fascinated people. That is why they appear in many fairy tales and are always heavenly. For example, when the kissed frog turns into a prince.
Let's kiss!
Or with Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, who are brought back to life with a kiss. But of course, loving kisses are also an absolute elixir of life.

So then: let's kiss? Well, a good idea for couples living together. However, if Corona is still lurking in the background, it would be more advisable for the «others» to stick to air kisses, virtual kisses by short message, emojis or kisses on the phone. If you combine this with flowers ... then, yes, then this day will indeed be very perfect.
Facts about kisses, pecks & Co.
Be honest: how often do you kiss? Probably quite often. Of course, not always for love, but also out of friendship, affection or just because. We live in a culture, where kisses add up quite quickly. At most you ask yourself if you should start on the right or left side and give two or three kisses.

Well, at least the first question was answered by scientists. Because it is now clear that two thirds of people tilt their head to the right when kissing and that we spend more than 76 days kissing in the course of 70 years of life.
Kissing makes happy
In addition, the erotic kiss is considered an indicator in the identification of a potential partner for life: if there is concordance between the chemical messengers, there will also be compatibility between the immune systems of the two individuals in question, who will be sympathetic to each other.

Last but not least, between kissers a spiritual union is created that makes you happy. Flowers and kisses really have a lot in common. Both make you happy, say more than many words and are languages that everyone understands.
Hollywood and the kissing law
We don't know who gave the first little kiss and to whom. But kissing has become so popular that we never get enough of it in the movies either.

But it wasn't always that easy. Because in Hollywood from 1930-1967 there was the so-called Hays Code. This was intended to ensure more morality in the films and prohibited not only «extremely sensual kisses» but also provocative hugs, poses and gestures.
Which was the most erotic movie kiss?
Therefore, it did not only prescribe to actors exactly where and how they were allowed to kiss, but also limited the maximum kissing time to 3 seconds. In horizontal position kisses were even completely forbidden. And the film couple was only allowed to lie in bed together if one of them kept one foot on the floor.

Well. In spite of all prohibitions it was of course not without eroticism in Hollywood. According to a Gallup poll in 1992, the most erotic kiss in movies comes from this very time. The kiss of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in «Gone with the Wind» took first place on the popularity scale.

Kisses make happy - flowers too

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