21 January is National Hugging Day: let’s hug!

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21 January is National Hug Day

The Magic of Spring
Are you one of those people who absolutely love "hugging" or "being hugged"? If so, you can look forward to 21 January. Because it has been National Hug Day since 1986. It was founded by Kevin Zaborny and is famous not only in the USA, but also in Canada, Europe and Australia. It seems probable that Kevin Zaborny – like most of us – is a fan of caresses. And he thought that this virtue could be elaborated on and it would be a good thing to hug your partner, family members and best friends a bit more often. According to the Medical University of Vienna, hugging is actually good for your health: it can help to reduce stress and anxiety. In other words, mark it in your diary in big, bold letters. And when 21 January arrives, grab your partner, children, parents and best friends and hug them.

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Love and fidelity among albatrosses and beavers

When you say "love", you're also saying "fidelity". And it even exists among animals. Albatrosses, for example. These large sea birds are loners. But once they've found a mate, they meet him or her every one to two years on an island: there, the female lays one egg that the pair hatch together. An albatross only seeks a new partner if his or her mate dies and fails to return to the nesting place. Beavers are also faithful and remain with their chosen partners for life. Mr Beaver defends his territory against invaders, builds his family a smart subterranean home and is a tender lover: swimming belly to belly with his adored one, he gives the joys of love in the water.

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Of loose-living blue tits, penguins and gibbons

Spring Fairy with Swiss blossom honey
Not all animals are faithful, there are also some absolute rascals. For example, it was long assumed that blue tits were "monogamous for the season". But this assumption has been revised. A long-term study from Bavaria shows that the females secretly play around: before the sun is up, they leave the nest where their mate lies sleeping, meet up with a willing male in a different territory and return from their amorous expedition after just a short time. Unfaithful penguins, on the other hand, are those species who lay their eggs in a nest of stones for incubation. As the construction material is rare, the female sometimes mates with strange male penguins in order to obtain a stone as a "quid pro quo".

Last but not least, the legend of gibbons "mating for life" has been put into perspective. In the Thai Khao Yai National Park, a researcher who observed gibbons reached the astounding conclusion that around 20 percent of the females lived in permanent threesomes with two males.

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