Friendship Day - July 30

Friendship Day - July 30

Friendship is precious. That's why you should show friends how important they are to you. Today you have the opportunity to do so.
The International Friendship Day originated in Paraguay
The origins of this day go back to a meeting of friends held in 1958 to commemorate Arbor Day in Paraguay.

On that occasion, someone suggested that a day be established to celebrate friendship between people, countries and cultures.
For a more humane world
There would be dates to celebrate fathers, mothers and trees, but none for such a beautiful feeling as friendship. That was when the World Friendship Crusade was born in Paraguay, with the motto «For a better and more human world». For many years, the World Friendship Crusade lobbied the United Nations to create a corresponding world day.

Finally, in 2011, the United Nations General Assembly decided to declare July 30 International Friendship Day.
Winnie-the-Pooh as Honorary Ambassador of Friendship
Because humans love symbols, Nane Annan – the wife of former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan – named Pooh Bear an Ambassador of Friendship. What seems strange at first glance is actually quite logical.

Because the little bear, who is loved by millions of people all over the world, shows in his stories in an impressive way what loyalty and friendship mean. These he shows not to another bear, but to a little pig, a donkey, an owl, a rabbit, a kangaroo and a little boy.
Let's do everything we can to create peace and harmony in the world
His appointment – Annan said – aims to encourage young people to forge bonds of friendship and understanding between different cultures and to create peace and harmony in the world.
Celebrate friendship!
Send a friend request and that's it? Friendship doesn't work as easily as it does in social networks. Because real friendship has to build up and strengthen first. Moreover, it should be cultivated. When is someone a «friend»?

Probably when you can talk to him about anything. When you can be honest with each other without offending. When you feel understood. Of course, that doesn't mean that friends are always right.
Acceptance and trust are good bases
But friendship means that you accept and respect each other with all your quirks and opinions – and trust each other.

That's why friendship is precious. Show your friends your appreciation, even on Friendship Day.
People who have friends live healthier lives
Studies show how important friendships are. Because people who meet regularly with friends live longer and are healthier. They are also more self-confident.

Because friends voluntarily give support and recognition and the certainty that we are lovable just as we are. But how do people become friends?
Common ground is important
Is it opposites that attract? Not always. Because sometimes the saying comes true: birds of a feather flock together. In fact, people often have something in common at the beginning of a friendship: for example, the same age, the same sense of humor, similar hobbies, talents or the same profession.

That's how you get to talk and learn that the other person is also different in many ways. Envy should not arise, however. Friends should not only be willing to give, but also to grant the other person something.
Friendship rituals
There are many people who love symbols of friendship. For example, a friendship bracelet. It is often simple cotton threads that are knotted three times and then attached to the wrist.

This tradition is said to have its origins in Brazil and the knots are said to bring good luck. Other popular symbols of friendship are rings or necklaces that are given to each other. They connect the wearers with each other and sometimes stand for shared memories.
Digital gestures of friendship
Last but not least, there are greeting rituals, such as a certain way of shaking hands or special hugs.

And let's not forget the digital friendship gestures, like a goodnight greeting now and then or a link to a special song or video that you share with friends. These are ways to show that you're thinking about each other.

Celebrate friendship

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