«The BLOOMERY» - Glatt near Wallisellen

«The BLOOMERY» - Glatt near Wallisellen

If you enter Switzerland's most popular shopping center through the main entrance, you will inevitably come across Fleurop's flagship store «The BLOOMERY». It is a paradise for all those who love flowers and plants and have a soft spot for everything that embellishes a home.
Towards the flowery paradise
Since settling in the Glatt in the fall of 2019, «The BLOOMERY» has made a name for itself.

It is an El Dorado for those who are always looking for new things from the world of flowers and plants, who like cool brands and who like to shop where the range of products meets the pulse of time.
The latter can already be seen in the store’s premises.

There, the industrial style fully meets the taste of the urban clientele.
Infinitely individual
Trends? Of course, we follow the tendencies in fashion and interior design. But the most important thing for managing director and master florist Marc Müller and his team is to convey an attitude to life that goes beyond the usual paths.

In short: «The BLOOMERY» is geared towards customers who do not want ordinary products but are looking for tailor-made solutions. Whether it's pampas grass from South America, flowers in cool hatboxes, dried flower dreams or the giant theme of plants:
a stroll through «The BLOOMERY» makes you forget your everyday life and shows you many ways to treat yourself to a little luxury.

Be it to embellish your own home with beautiful finds or to develop original gift ideas.
Selected labels
Of course, there are also accessories that tempt. They are all carefully selected.

Whether it's unique Mobach ceramics, high-quality candles from Weizenkorn, butterfly dreams from Marcaureus, cool indoor plants from «Männerpflanze» or vases and bowls from DutZ. The latter are not only blown, but also formed by hand.
Actually, in «The BLOOMERY» you always come across unique, unusual and cool things - flowers, plants and accessories that you don't see everywhere.

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, they say. Well, a visit to «The BLOOMERY» shows that sometimes it is.
Flower store with model function
Last but not least, «The BLOOMERY» is the ideal place for Fleurop to test products and services, to improve them if necessary and to research customer wishes.
How are the dried flowers or Infinity rose boxes received? Which bouquet shapes or additional products are popular? Who buys plants for men? And what new services or products might be in demand in the future?

To such questions and many more, the market provides answers via «The BLOOMERY», which Fleurop evaluates and uses for itself and its partner stores.
Exclusive, with attractive opening hours
Before moving to Glatt, Fleurop's flagship store was based in Uster for eight years.

The reason for the change of location was the rather limited opportunity to better exploit the development potential in the longer term.
The large trading area with more than 9 million visitors annually is an argument in favor of the Glatt.

Other decisive factors in this choice were the exclusivity granted by the Glatt management, the attractive location near the main entrance and opening hours from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The latest creations from Fleurop

Scent of Summer
CHF 44.00 - CHF 84.00
Summer meadow
CHF 56.00 - CHF 126.00
Little Flower Message
CHF 45.00 - CHF 92.00
Bundle of Sunflowers
Bundle of Sunflowers
CHF 38.00
Cute flower greeting
CHF 46.00 - CHF 86.00
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