Kariem Hussein and Fleurop – a dynamic duo!

Kariem Hussein and Fleurop – a dynamic duo!

He is fast and successful, because it is not for nothing that he became European champion of the 400 m hurdles. But he is much more than that. What makes him special is his personality. Not only because he appears well-groomed and confident and seems humorous. Those who read his interviews and follow his performances are involuntarily impressed. He seems likeable and authentic, is a courageous man with clear values and actually what you would call - in the best sense of the word - a gentleman. We talked with Kariem .
Kariem, what made you become a Fleurop brand ambassador?
I knew the company because I have often been given gifts via Fleurop and I like to give flowers myself. You really can't go wrong with that. But it is more than that. Fleurop is also a perfect fit for me as a brand. It is uncomplicated, fast, modern and always good for surprises. I also associate Fleurop with spontaneity and emotion. Everyone likes to get flowers .
Do you like flowers and nature?
Even very much. I can hardly imagine a home without plants. I also love to be in my garden or in nature in general. In summer I even get up earlier than usual to go swimming in the lake. At the moment I'm also busy with the renovation of my garden. An exciting undertaking.
Do you have any favorite flowers? And can they be found in the «Special Editions»?
I especially like flowers with light shades. But hydrangeas or classics like roses are also among my favorites. In the meantime, I had the pleasure of creating my own «Special Edition» products with your florist master Marc Müller. And it was then that I got to know flowers that I had never seen before. So, it is possible that this experience could expand my future repertoire.

SPECIAL EDITIONS by Kariem Hussein

May Bouquet of the Month
CHF 55.00 - CHF 95.00
Magical Peonies
CHF 108.00 - CHF 208.00
Just Because
CHF 44.00 - CHF 88.00
I Love You
CHF 99.00 - CHF 179.00
Show all
Is sustainability an issue for you?
I am a very conscious and thoughtful person. I take care of my body because I want to perform and feel good even in my old age. And that's how I keep it when dealing with nature. If you read about climate change or the extinction of animals, it is impossible not to worry. Consequently, I treat nature and everything I have to do with humility, respect and gratitude.
When do you feel moments of pure joy?
In my private life these are probably the moments when I relax completely. I feel calm as soon as I am in familiar surroundings and realize how privileged I am. In other areas of life, I feel joy as soon as my efforts pay off and I can reap the fruits of my work.
Were there also moments of despair?
Desperation is the wrong word. Because that would mean that I thought the situation was hopeless. But of course, I have had setbacks and disappointments in my life. For example, when I was nominated to participate in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and dropped out in the preliminary run due to an injury. But that's the point: these are basically the moments in life when you grow and think: «Now more than ever».
Because of injuries you had to cancel several contests. What do you think about persistance?
I am grateful to be able to live my passion every day. And I am sure that my potential is not exhausted. This gives me the courage to keep going and stick to my goals. After all, the saying goes, «all's well that ends well». And for me it means that it is not over until all is well. I am persistent about that.
How do you deal with Corona?
It must be accepted. I generally deal with things that I can influence. And in the context of Corona this is my conscious way of managing my health and compliance with the required measures. Of course, I also miss the fact that I cannot move freely. But I make sure that I keep fit, eat healthy food and do my training. In addition, it is important to stay positive and have rewarding experiences every day.
Soon there will be a number of videos in which you offer flowers. What's behind it?
Under the motto «Kariem bringt’s» I visit Fleurop partner stores in various Swiss cities. There, I will be faced with a special challenge, where, for once, it will not be the local florist, but myself who will deliver the flower gift to a person selected by Fleurop. To be honest, I am looking forward to it. Because these videos tell stories based on surprise, and I'm sure there will be a little humor in them.
When and where will these videos be shown?
They will be available in spring 2021 on my YouTube channel and on fleurop.ch.

Thank you very much for the interview, Kariem!


Official Press Release
You can read all about the cooperation between Kariem Hussein and Fleurop in our official press release.