Merry Christmas - and a wonderful Advent!

Interested in the latest trends - or inspirations that you can experience live? But you can also find stories about kobolds, Advent kisses and a green wonder.
Together instead of lonely - Merry Christmas! For most of us, Advent and Christmas are the most wonderful time of the year. After the events of the last few months, this might become even more important. Advent and Christmas 2021 - the most beautiful trends Fancy a bewitching, glittering, fabulously beautiful Christmas season? Here you will find the hottest trends: from classy and natural to stylish and glamorous. In search of Xmas? Get inspiration LIVE in your region If trends are not enough for you, because you prefer to get inspiration live, then you should not miss the many Advent exhibitions of the flower stores. Advent with witches, gnomes, elves and kobolds Abracadabra! There are countries where beings endowed with magical powers do crazy things during Advent or are helpful and even bring gifts. Ding-a-ling vs. Ho-Ho-Ho - Best-of the heavenly gift-bringers Who brings the presents at Christmas? Swiss children do not agree at all, and this question is also hotly debated worldwide. Mistletoe? I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus Already kissed under the mistletoe? There used to be rules for that. But mistletoe was also full of symbolism, even in the days of the druids and ancient Romans. Conifers are little wonders Why do coniferous trees not lose their needles? And how do they survive the winter when the water freezes and cannot be absorbed by the roots? Here are the answers. Loving texts for the most beautiful of all seasons If you are missing the right words for Advent, Christmas or the turn of the year, here are our suggestions for loving, heartfelt and atmospheric card texts.