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Valentine's Day: in love with love

Valentinstag: Verliebt in die Liebe

Looking for interesting and amusing snippets all about National Hug Day and Valentine's Day? Click on the headlines that interest you and enjoy reading.

Who invented it?

Many people contend that Fleurop invented Valentine's Day. But that's not true, because it's more than 2,000 years old. The Ancient Romans were the first to celebrate the "Day of Love" for three days from 13 to 15 February – they even ran a love lottery.


Touched Deeply with WHITE Secco Piccolo (20cl)
Then Christianity arrived. That put a stop to loose conduct. Instead of love lotteries there were suddenly saints' lotteries, which didn't really have much more of an appeal. In addition, the Church now named the day "Valentine's Day" because name days had arisen by this time and 14 February was dedicated to Saint Valentine. Fortunately, "Valentine's Day" later became associated with the ecstasy of love again. Today, Valentine's Day is famous in many parts of the world and flowers play a prominent role everywhere.

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More than 50,000 messengers of the gods at work

Fleurop didn't invent the Day of Love. However, the company does have something to do with its real founders – the Ancient Romans – in so far as the Roman god Mercury makes an appearance in its logo. He was also the messenger of the gods. And that explains why he is always portrayed with winged shoes and a winged hat. This appealed to the inventors of Fleurop because the many bouquets with their messages also have to be delivered as fast as possible. However, one messenger of the gods can't do it all on his own. And so crews with messenger-of-the-gods ability are now deployed at over 50,000 Fleurop florists around the globe. 

GoetterboteFleuropbote Chasper

There's one difference, however, between the "Original Mercury" and the one on the Fleurop logo. The latter has a bouquet of flowers in his hand instead of a staff. But he's very fast. And on Valentine's Day ..... well, even the original couldn't do better.

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21 January is National Hug Day

Kinder mit BlumenstraussEisbären

February Bouquet of the Month
Are you one of those people who absolutely love "hugging" or "being hugged"? If so, you can look forward to 21 January. Because it has been National Hug Day since 1986. It was founded by Kevin Zaborny and is famous not only in the USA, but also in Canada, Europe and Australia. It seems probable that Kevin Zaborny – like most of us – is a fan of caresses. And he thought that this virtue could be elaborated on and it would be a good thing to hug your partner, family members and best friends a bit more often. According to the Medical University of Vienna, hugging is actually good for your health: it can help to reduce stress and anxiety. In other words, mark it in your diary in big, bold letters. And when 21 January arrives, grab your partner, children, parents and best friends and hug them.

A calendar of well-known and not so well-known days to give flowers is HERE.

Flowers are caresses that can be delivered. The shop is HERE.


Love and fidelity among albatrosses and beavers


When you say "love", you're also saying "fidelity". And it even exists among animals. Albatrosses, for example. These large sea birds are loners. But once they've found a mate, they meet him or her every one to two years on an island: there, the female lays one egg that the pair hatch together. An albatross only seeks a new partner if his or her mate dies and fails to return to the nesting place. Beavers are also faithful and remain with their chosen partners for life. Mr Beaver defends his territory against invaders, builds his family a smart subterranean home and is a tender lover: swimming belly to belly with his adored one, he gives the joys of love in the water.

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Of loose-living blue tits, penguins and gibbons


Not all animals are faithful, there are also some absolute rascals. For example, it was long assumed that blue tits were "monogamous for the season". But this assumption has been revised. A long-term study from Bavaria shows that the females secretly play around: before the sun is up, they leave the nest where their mate lies sleeping, meet up with a willing male in a different territory and return from their amorous expedition after just a short time. Unfaithful penguins, on the other hand, are those species who lay their eggs in a nest of stones for incubation. As the construction material is rare, the female sometimes mates with strange male penguins in order to obtain a stone as a "quid pro quo".

PinguinePinguineJunger PinguinGibbons Affen

Spring Romance with Roses
Last but not least, the legend of gibbons "mating for life" has been put into perspective. In the Thai Khao Yai National Park, a researcher who observed gibbons reached the astounding conclusion that around 20 percent of the females lived in permanent threesomes with two males.

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Proposal of marriage on the Eiffel Tower

Eiffelturm ParisValentinstag Rosenstrauss bestellenEiffelturm Paris

For Fleurop with its global reach, Valentine's Day always comes with unusual love stories. For example, there was the partner florist in Paris where an employee had to take 101 long-stem red roses to the Eiffel Tower one Valentine's Day. A young man wanted to propose to his girlfriend on the viewing platform. The whole thing nearly went wrong. The florist arrived at the platform on time. But an unexpected power cut followed. So the young couple, who arrived a little later, had to climb the many stairs on foot. Because the girlfriend was wearing high-heeled shoes, it seems that the man had a major task on his hands to convince her. However, it worked out in the end!

You'll find our care tips for roses HERE.

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The Valentine and the old people's home

Blumenbote im Shopvile ZürichBlumen ium Altersheim

Love at First Sight
On request, flowers are delivered anonymously. And Fleurop keeps the secret even if the recipient of the flowers calls headquarters or the florist and wants to know the name of the giver. That happened once a few years ago, when a male customer had his Valentine's bouquet delivered to a resident of an old people's home with the simple message: "From your Valentine". Naturally, the lady in the home wanted to know who this Valentine was. So she called Fleurop. Unfortunately, the company couldn't help her as the recipient of flowers can only be told what the customer reveals in the message. However, the Fleurop employee saw how important it was to this lady to discover the name, so she asked: "Have you really got no idea who the bunch of roses could have come from?" "Well, possibly," said the gift's recipient. "But it's not easy, because it could have been any one of several gentlemen!"

You'll find Valentine's Day flowers for young and old HERE.


Three chocolate croissants and the start of a love story

Liebespaar ValentinstagLiebespaar Valentinstag

The Fleurop team often hears touching love stories from its contact with customers. For example, a man ordered red roses for a young woman who worked in a bakery. The message in the card read: "Every morning, I summon up the courage to talk to you. But when I'm in your presence, words suddenly desert me. The only thing I can say is: Three chocolate croissants, please, and a large bottle of Comella! I would really like to get to know you."
Unfortunately, we don't know how this story ended. But we can assume that this charm offensive touched someone else besides the Fleurop team.

"I love you" in a hundred languages HERE.

Roses instead of a frog in your throat! You'll find our suggestions HERE.


Valentine's Day greetings from the other side

Preisgekrönter Fleurop Kinospot, Blumen bestellen

A Fleurop partner in the USA gave us a copy of a story that a customer had written and sent to a magazine. It goes like this: My husband John and I were married for 46 years. Every Valentine's Day, he sent me flowers and a card with the message: "My love for you keeps on growing". Four children, 46 bouquets and a life filled with love were his legacy to me when he died two years ago. On the first Valentine's Day that I spent on my own, I was surprised to receive a wonderful bouquet ... from John. I was so sad when I called the florist to tell them that there had been a misunderstanding. But the florist replied: "It isn't an error. Before your husband died, he paid for bouquets for a lot more years and made us promise to send you a bouquet every year on Valentine's Day". I had a lump in my throat as I hung up and read the card that came with the bouquet. It said: "My love for you is eternal."

You'll find the video of our award-winning TV spot "Wedding Day" HERE.

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