Flowers and the four seasons – by Fleurop

Not only composer Vivaldi felt stimulated by the four seasons. Seasonal flowers are also the topic for florists. And you? You certainly have your «favorites». We tell you which flowers you can look forward to at which time.

Our most beautiful seasonal hits:

May Bouquet of the Month
CHF 49.00 - CHF 89.00
Romantic peonies
CHF 95.00 - CHF 185.00
Vitality with Lilies
CHF 56.00 - CHF 106.00
Small but Yours
CHF 35.00 - CHF 75.00
Cute Basket of Flowers
CHF 42.00 - CHF 82.00
Wonderful Day with Lilies
CHF 36.00 - CHF 76.00
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