Thank You Day - 28 September 2023

Thank You Day - 28 September 2023

On the last Thursday in September it's high time to say thank you, Dankeschön, merci, grazie or grazia fitg, because it's THANK YOU DAY!
Why a «Thank You Day»?
When was the last time you said «thank you» from the bottom of your heart? And are you also aware that you have every reason to be grateful? Both are important because it changes not only your live but also the lives of others.

Would you like that? Then you should mark the last Thursday in September in your agenda in red, because that's when the Thank You Day takes place in Switzerland. 

On the one hand, this day is about being grateful for everything that makes one's life beautiful and pleasant. But on the other hand, the purpose is of course also to say «thank you» to other people.
Show that not everything can be taken for granted
So, say «thank you». For example to the colleague who may sometimes stand in for you at the office, to the best friend for his solidarity, to the postman for delivering the many letters and packages, to the caretaker for his tireless work, or to the retirement home staff who so devotedly look after your mother or grandmother. 

It is certain that many people come to mind, because they make our lives more beautiful with small and big support. Thank them, perhaps even with flowers. This surprise will certainly be well received, especially if it is accompanied by a heartfelt thank you, Dankeschön, merci, grazie or grazia fitg.

Gifts for Thank You Day

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Summer Pearl
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