Young Edition

With the Young Edition, the young florists from the ranks of our Fleurop partner stores express their creativity. Participants submit their bouquet creations to Fleurop. Our fans and followers then select their favorite via Facebook & Instagram. The winning bouquet can be ordered the following month at
«Young Edition» designed by Leonie
Our current bouquet comes from Leonie from the flower store Wiedmer Blumen AG in Aarberg.

Leonie is 18 years old and is still in training.

We are happy to offer her bouquet creation the whole month of January on
Interview with Leonie

What inspires you when you create a bouquet?

I'm usually inspired by a type of flower or a color combination. I base the bouquet on that. For the current Young Edition bouquet, for example, I knew in advance that the «Princess Crown» rose should play a role. I also like to work with a lot of filigree greenery, which gives the bouquet a romantic touch. I particularly like this style.

What could be done to make young people more interested in flowers?

Unfortunately, young people are often not that interested in flowers. I think you can make the subject more accessible to them by picking up on trends they see online (e.g., on Instagram). That may not always correspond to everyday floristry, but it appeals to young people very well.
What challenges do you currently see for the profession of florist and thus for the entire floral industry?

One challenge is certainly to keep up with the times and realize new trends. That gives floristry a modern spirit. Another point we notice is that people are becoming more spontaneous, which sometimes comes with challenges. This involves, for example, the choice of flowers or special requests. Time also plays a role. It's a matter of balancing everything without neglecting other tasks. Since we are a very crafty profession that involves a lot of creativity and attention to detail, workpieces like bouquets take time and are not conjured up in five minutes. But I think it's worth waiting for something special or ordering it early enough. Even one day in advance is usually enough.

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CHF 58.50 - CHF 118.50
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CHF 52.00 - CHF 92.00
CHF 68.00 - CHF 138.00
Pure Spring
CHF 46.00 - CHF 86.00
Natural Magic of Blossoms
CHF 62.00 - CHF 122.00
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