Christmas candle-holders in a class of its own

It's almost unbelievable what can be made from a classic candle-holder with candle and cone. But look for yourself.
Candles; candle-holders; cones; pine needles; ribbons in two different widths, possibly in two shades of color; birch stars; Christmas balls in the shape of a star: winding wire.
  1. Tie the cone to the candle-holder with winding wire.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon and tie them around the candle-holder below the disc on which the candle will stand.
  3. Place the candle on the candle-holder, cut another piece of ribbon and tie it around the bottom of the candle. Leave the ends of the ribbon.
  4. Take a bunch of pine needles.
  5. Tie a loose knot with the loose ends of the ribbon tied around the candle and place the pine needles inside.
  1. Cut an extra piece of narrow ribbon, pull it through the loose knot with the pine needles, and then tighten everything.
  2. Now tie to the narrow ribbon a Christmas ball in the shape of a star and make a bow.
  3. Finally, glue some birch stars to the cone.
Especially when the candle has burned down to a certain extent, make sure that you remove the decoration so that it does not burn.
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