Reinforcement for our champions!

Reinforcement for our champions!

Three new plants for men enlarge the range of attractive easy-care plants since September. Get to know them now.
Our new stars
The three «new ones» are rubber fig «Alfred», silver vine «Richard» and Zamioculcas «Hulk». And they are so named because the rubber fig with its retro flair reminds of a butler - that is «Alfred». With the slightly silvery-white spotted leaves of the silver vine one thought of «Richard» Gere's gray temples. And the Zamioculcas couldn't have any other name than «Hulk» because - like the green comic strip creature - it is strong as a bear and literally survives everything.
This is Alfred (rubber fig, Ficus elastica ‘Robusta‘)
Oldie but Goldie. 

Pot Ø: 18cm
Height: ca. 55cm 

Oh yes, the rubber fig is totally in again. After its hype in the eighties, it disappeared from rooms and offices and only recently reappeared. The main reasons: with its large, shiny, evergreen leaves, the rubber fig is not only an absolute eye-catcher. It is also robust and easy to care for. In addition, it improves air quality. Today it is experiencing a revival and is making its way back into our homes. It belongs to the genus Ficus (figs) and is considered a classic among houseplants. Thanks to numerous varieties, it also harmonizes with any interior design style.

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This is Richard (silver vine, Scindapsus pictus)
Let nature take its course. 

Pot Ø: 18cm 
Height: ca. 28cm 

In its native land, the plant is considered a symbol of good luck. In feng shui even for success, prosperity, and good luck. That is why the silver vine is an absolute must-have not only for yourself. It is also the perfect gift for someone starting a new job, dedicating a new home, facing an exam, celebrating a birthday or «just because». After all, as we all know, you can never have enough success, happiness (and money). By the way, the silver vine, of course, does well everywhere. But according to feng shui, it fits especially in the home office or workplace.

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This is Hulk (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
Don't make me angry. 

Pot Ø: 25cm 
Height: approx. 79cm

The habitat of the Zamioculcas is Central and East Africa. There it grows mainly in forested foothills of the highlands and in lowlands where rocky substrates predominate. By nature, the Zamioculcas is used to extreme drought. Then, when the rains come, it quickly soaks up moisture to again survive the drought. Since the early 2000s, the Zamioculcas has experienced a resurgence as an uncomplicated houseplant. It is not only hip and stylish. It is also considered the world’s toughest houseplant because the plant survives even the most untalented gardeners. That's the reason for the name Hulk, because this strongman with green skin from the comic series of the same name is also invincible.

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