Want to chillax? A piece of cake with plants...

Plants have a great influence on health and emotions, even when they are small.
They make us happy.

A large-scale study from Great Britain shows that the sight of plants makes us happier.
Free breathing
They allow us to breathe more freely

Plants provide optimum humidity and produce the vital oxygen. Cacti, Sansevieria and Philodendron, for example, also filter air pollutants and are able to eliminate chemical emissions from carpets, furniture, paints, etc. from indoor air.
They strengthen our health.

Through the so-called phytoncides, which plants release into the air, they strengthen our immune system.
They are a natural remedy

A study by the American researcher Roger Ulrich has shown that indoor plants counteract anxiety and aggression and even relieve pain.
They motivate us

The British University of Exeter found that plants increase labor productivity.
They relax

The green of the houseplants calms down. Studies show that when people see plants, they are particularly good at relieving tension and recovering more quickly from everyday stress.
Plants seem simple

But they are important for our lives...
Relationship happiness
...because when we are happier...

...healthier, more motivated and more relaxed, our partners, families and friends benefit too.

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