Why Männerpflanze?

Why Männerpflanzen.

A man discovers the house jungle.

Learn how assortment, attributes and names were created.
How assortment, attributes and names came into being
Plants for men? This thought came spontaneously to Fleurop-COO Rinaldo Walser when he discovered his love for the house jungle. «I saw that many of my male acquaintances also have plants at home. And, of course, I noticed what we guys needed: Plants have to be easy to care for. In addition, the pot should be included so that the plant can be bought and placed ready to use.» That was the beginning of a great idea.
The new brand was developed with gardeners – but also simply with men. There are many easy-care plants. But the aim was to put together an attractive selection, with plants in different shapes, heights and shades of green. «I also noticed,» Walser recalls, «that men tended more towards unconventional plants – just as we are.»
This is how it came to a mix of succulents and foliage plants: With prickly cactuses, small leaf Money Plants, lyre-shaped Fiddle-leaf plants or Mother-in-Law’s Tongues, to name but a few. A pot in a «male look» was also developed ... as well as a logo showing a moustache in addition to the brand name "Männerpflanze".
Last but not least, the plants were given suitable names. «We laughed a lot,» Walser admits. «We have asked ourselves what each plant radiates. And then we tried to put our impressions into words and gave them a name. I'll leave it open if we thought of celebrities sometimes.»
Plants for men? Take a look at the quite funny assortment and consider which statement or which name is most suitable.
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