Credit and expiry of MyFleurop points

Once they are definitely credited, MyFleurop points can be used. They are valid for two years. But before they expire, Fleurop will alert you.
Credit and expiry date: what you need to know
  • Whenever you place an order, your account will be provisionally credited with the corresponding number of MyFleurop points. This is a provisional points credit because your order could still be changed or cancelled. You can use these points once they have been definitely credited to your account, at the latest once the invoice has been issued. The relevant information is provided as follows:
  • All the details are given in your MyFleurop account.
  • The provisional points credit for the order is specified on the order confirmation.
  • Your available MyFleurop points are specified on the invoice.
  • MyFleurop points remain valid for two years from the order date. However, before the points expire, Fleurop will alert you by email.

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