Collecting & using MyFleurop points

Discover how quickly you can collect MyFleurop points and how easy it is to use them.
Collecting MyFleurop points
MyFleurop members earn points for purchases via all our sales channels and quickly start to enjoy the benefits. Here are some details and tips:

  • Every franc counts: you receive one MyFleurop point for every Swiss franc you spend on Fleurop orders.
  • You get points not only for the flowers and plants you order from Fleurop, but also for supplementary products, accompanying cards as well as service charges.
  • The points are credited to your account regardless of how you place your order – via, our call centre or at one of our approximately 350 Swiss partner shops.
  • We will credit a starter bonus of 50 MyFleurop points to your account as soon as you have registered as a MyFleurop member.
  • Discounts, special offers and other reductions are programmed into the system. The credited points correspond to the net amount paid.
  • If you pay with a Fleurop gift card or online voucher, the total order value will be credited to your points account.
  • No points are credited for purchases of Fleurop gift cards or online vouchers. These points are credited when the card or voucher is used. Persons using the card or voucher who are not MyFleurop members can register with MyFleurop at that time.
  • You may also transfer your MyFleurop points to another member's MyFleurop account. Please contact the Fleurop Customer Service for this purpose.
Using MyFleurop points
  • You need at least 300 MyFleurop points on your points account. 300 points corresponds to 12 Swiss francs. There are two options for you to use your MyFleurop points.
  • If you have 300 or more MyFleurop points, you can deduct the cash equivalent from Fleurop orders placed via, the Fleurop call centre or at a Fleurop partner shop. This applies to the entire Fleurop range of products including gift cards and online vouchers.
  • If you have 500 or more MyFleurop points, you can also use them to get exclusive Fleurop rewards and special Fleurop offers that can be collected from one of the 350 Fleurop flower shops.

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