Transfering or offering MyFleurop points

If, for example, you are still missing MyFleurop points for an exclusive reward, perhaps your mother or best friend will contribute what is missing.
MyFleurop points as an attractive gift
If other MyFleurop members – friends and relatives, for example – would like to help you boost your points balance, they can transfer points from their account to your account.

And of course you can also do the same for them. Please contact our Customer Service for this purpose: [email protected]

As a small thank you, for a birthday or just because

Delicately Romantic Winter
CHF 39.00 - CHF 79.00
Spring Princess
CHF 35.00 - CHF 75.00
Colorful Bouquet of Tulips
CHF 49.00 - CHF 99.00
Delicate spring composition
CHF 38.00 - CHF 88.00
Signs of Spring
CHF 45.00 - CHF 85.00
Sunny spring composition
CHF 40.00 - CHF 80.00
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