This is how birthdays began

Here you can find out who was the first to celebrate his birthday and who was NOT allowed to do so for a long time.
The first definite knowledge about the celebration of birthdays comes down to us from Ancient Egypt. However, only the Pharaoh's birthday was celebrated there – not on the date when he came into the world, but on the day of his coronation. The Egyptian people believed this was the day that the Pharaoh was transformed into a god. And this «birth» was more important than the earthly one.
Later on, the Romans appear to have been the first people who celebrated not only the birthdays of divinities and leaders, but also those of prosperous citizens. To preserve birthday boys from evil, they called to protective spirits on such occasions. Invitations, blessings, gifts, speeches and poems were also in evidence.
Only the birthdays of boys and men were celebrated, those of girls and women were only included from the 12th century onwards.

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