September / October

September / October

Autumn? Quite apart from the interesting Chrysanthema in Lahr, many wine festivals are taking place now. After all, vines are plants too. We are almost sure that you will find your favorite event.
Pumpkin events, beginning of September until end of October 2024, 8607 Seegräben and 8640 Jona
Huge pumpkin figures decorate the Juckerhof in Seegräben and the Bächlihof in Jona from the beginning of September until the end of October. But not only. Because you can also expect delicious pumpkin dishes, specialties from the farm store, pumpkin carving, various pumpkin events and much more. Fun for the whole family.
PerBacco! 21.-24.09.2024, 6500 Bellinzona
PerBacco! is not only an invitation for guests and residents to discover the historical heart of the city, listen to good music and taste excellent Ticino wines, but also an opportunity for young people and families to get closer to the territory and explore the local wine tradition. Moreover, this event will be held in 2023 together with the Swiss Popular Music Fest - for many, one more reason to travel to Bellinzona.
Wild herbs course - the herbs and fruits of autumn, 25 September 2024, 8617 Mönchaltdorf
On our exploration tour from 6 p.m. to 8.30 p.m., we will not only be accompanied by wild herbs in the autumnal meadows, but also by wild fruits along the hedgerows. Hedgerow shrubs have always been part of our cultural landscape and are shrouded in old stories. Together we will enjoy the autumn season at the «Naturstation Silberweide» and discover what nature still has to offer us at this time of year. Course leader: Andrea Fürer, phytopractitioner; price Fr. 60.- /person. Incl. course materials and samples from the wild herb kitchen. Minimum number of participants 6 persons, maximum number of participants 15 persons.

Fleurop info about herbs you can also find HERE.
Grape Harvest Festival, 27.-29.09.2024, 2000 Neuchâtel
This is a festival you should not miss: for three days, traffic is banished from the city center so that revelers can celebrate in the usual way in an ambience of lights, music, and laughter. The grand nighttime procession with «Guggenmusik» takes place on the Friday night. The children's fancy-dress parade, a joyful and colorful event, is traditionally held on the Saturday afternoon. The Sunday afternoon floral procession also attracts a vast crown of onlookers.
Grape Harvest Festival, 27.-29.9.2024, 1095 Lutry
Every year, during the month of September, the old township of Lutry turns into a festival venue to mark the end of the grape harvest: the cellars open, the canteens unfold their banners and the village prepares to live three days of madness, the Fête des Vendanges (grape harvest festival), the last one in the Canton of Vaud!
«Foliage Train®», 12.10. – 17.11.2024, Locarno
The best way to experience the beautiful foliage of autumn is on the Centovalli Express. The Centovallina - as the train is also known - runs between Locarno and Domodossala during the colorful season, past the most colorful forests and to the most charming places scattered throughout the valley. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate in Ticino, the fall is particularly long and can be admired until mid-November. Guests should stop off in between to discover the unique little villages with their typical stone buildings and dine in a grotto. In view of the expected large crowds, seat reservations are absolutely essential.
Natural phenomenon larch forests, from mid-October 2024, Engadine
The shorter the days and lower the temperatures, the more colorful the forests become in autumn. A special highlight awaits us in the Engadine. There, the larches present themselves in a golden glowing autumn dress. The natural phenomenon reaches its greatest color intensity around mid-October. The larch is the only native conifer that loses its needles in autumn. Golden larch forests can be found everywhere in the Engadine. Forester Ralf Fluor tells us his favorite place: along the Albula Pass between Bergün and La Punt. By the way: in October, Fleurop's cooperation partner Eurobus offers a one-day bus trip to the larch forests in the Engadine.
Plant homeopathy for soil health and a strong start to spring, October 21, 2024, course online
Soil is not just dirt under our feet. Healthy soil is a small universe unto itself, harboring a multitude of essentially important creatures and ultimately being our most important plant nutrient. But soil can also be a «patient» in the garden: there may be contaminated sites or toxic residues, or it may not be of the desired quality for our intended plant crop. This course deals with the subject and shows that there are other measures besides homeopathy to improve the soil and keep it healthy. Furthermore, you will learn how plants can get through the spring fit after the winter by a homeopathic basic strengthening.

Speaker: Cornelia Maute, alternative practitioner & author

Costs: CHF 30.-

Course location and time: online in German, 19.00-21.00 hrs
Chrysanthema Lahr, 26.10.-10.11.2024, Lahr (D)
As an idyllic town at the foot of the Black Forest, Lahr is associated far beyond its borders with a colorful sea of chrysanthemum blossoms during autumn. Explore the town on an unforgettable city walk past thousands of chrysanthemums. On a circular route through the entire city center, guests experience the chrysanthemum in the form of fascinating flower beds, artistic flower carts and as lush house decorations with fancy cascading chrysanthemums. A diverse cultural and musical program with renowned groups and unique performances takes place daily on the market square. By the way: In October and November, Fleurop's cooperation partner Eurobus offers three one-day bus trips to the Chrysanthema in Lahr.

Fleurop info about chrysanthemums you can also find HERE.

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