20 March: Oh Happy Day!

Happiness has many faces. Perhaps the Day of Happiness makes us think about how well we are doing and how we could help others to be a little happier.
What does happiness mean to you?
The International Day of Happiness is celebrated on 20 March too.

It was created by the United Nations because the quest for happiness is something that unites all human beings.
We all want good health (no pandemics), loving parents, loyal friends, stable political and economic conditions, fulfilment, peace and freedom.
Let's make others happy too
But in a country like Switzerland, where so much is possible, it’s sometimes easy to forget that many others around us live a completely different reality. Perhaps we could use this Day of Happiness as an occasion to think about ways of reaching out to encourage others who are less fortunate.

According to the World Happiness Report published by the UNO, the happiest people live in Finland and Denmark, with Switzerland in third place.

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