Hooray, the days are getting longer again

Hooray, the days are getting longer again

Finally, it's getting light earlier again. It makes you want to get up right away. What do you associate with spring? And how often do you celebrate it?
Spring is a new beginning. Maybe that's why people clean their houses?
Whether it's spring or seedtime: we perceive it as a new beginning, which is why it's important to us.

No wonder there are so many terms and customs that relate to this season. For example, spring awakening, spring messengers, spring feelings and - unfortunately (sigh!) - also spring cleaning.
When does spring start for you?
Since people like to celebrate pleasing events extensively, spring begins several times. Thus, the meteorological spring begins on March 1, the calendrical one on March 21, and the astronomical one takes place this year on March 20 at 16:32 a.m. sharp.

On this day of the equinox the daytime duration is exactly 12 hours, then the days get longer and longer!

Our flowery spring hits

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