July / August

July / August

Flowers for Kissing Day? Just Because Day? Or Swiss National Day? The two midsummer months offer more than just garden parties.
International Kissing Day: 6 July (fixed date)
For about 90 percent of the world's population, kissing is one of the most tender gestures ever. That's probably why there's the increasingly popular Kissing Day, when we should kiss, embrace and caress each other especially often. Loving kisses are known to be an elixir of life, even if not every frog you kiss becomes a prince. But no matter. Kissing is nevertheless beautiful, especially if you associate the kiss with flowers for once.

More about this day can be found HERE.
International Friendship Day: 30 July (fixed date)
When you ask people, what is most important to them in life, most answer: friends! That's why a group in Paraguay founded Friendship Day in 1958. This was officially added to the list of international days by the United Nations in 2011.

So, whether it's a childhood friend or a friendship that developed later, every friendship is special. Think about who you count among your friends and show them your appreciation on Friendship Day, for example with flowers.

More about this day can be found HERE.
Swiss National Day: 1 August (fixed date)
Since 1891, 1st August has been celebrated as a national holiday in Switzerland. The date is derived from one of the first treaties signed around 1290 between the three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden, which formed the core of present-day Switzerland.

Well, apart from the fireworks and lantern processions, August 1st is also a day for barbecuing in the garden. Already taken care of? If you are invited, perhaps it's time to order a bouquet for the hosts as a thank-you for the invitation, perhaps in summery yellow tones, colourful fireworks nuances or even in matching red and white.
Just Because Day: 27 August (fixed date)
If you are wondering why this day was founded at all or why it takes place just on August 27, the answer is: Just because! Sometime somebody might have noticed how nice it is to get something «just because» or to surprise somebody «just because». Try it, e.g. with flowers. It's fun for everyone and will be an unforgettable experience!

More about this day can be found HERE.

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