Tulips stand for new life, immortality and love

Tulips stand for new life, immortality and love

Initially, tulips represented new life, love and tenderness. No wonder then, that today they are also given as messengers of love.
Persians adored the tulip
The tulip has always fascinated human beings. That is why it was considered a symbol of reawakening nature, new life and immortality.

This is one reason why the cup-shaped flower can be found in many Persian embroideries.
Tulip amulets as protection, tulips as declaration of love
When Persian commanders went into battle, they protected themselves with tulip amulets and robes embroidered with tulips.

In addition, wild tulips were given as a gift to make a declaration of love to the lady of one's heart.
In Turkey the tulip was considered sacred
In Turkey, on the other hand, the tulip was considered sacred for a long time, because its original name «lalé» had the same characters that form «Allah» in the Arabic script.

In our country tulips are the most popular spring flowers. Since they stand for love and tenderness and also mean «I'm in seventh heaven because I'm happy with you», they are often given instead of roses.

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