Summer in the City

You just want to feel the summer, even in the city. Bring it home, but in an urban, stylish way. We'll show you how to do it.
Glass vase; snail shells; flexible twigs; various flowers such as scented roses, scabiosa, lavender, capsella, heuchera leaves as well as vetch tendrils and grasses.
  1. Bend and turn the twigs so that they fit completely into the vase. They are a help because they support the flowers, herbs and tendrils.
  2. Now place some snail shells between the branches and on the glass bottom.
  3. Fill the vase to a third with water and place the flowers, grasses and tendrils between the branches in such a way that a light, summery composition is created.
Summery compositions simply look great everywhere, even on balconies and terraces. This variant also has the advantage that flowers that wilt can simply be replaced with fresh ones.
Various snail shells and much more can be found on our online portal

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