loving gourmet box

Loving gourmet box

A big thank you to the best mom and the greatest cook ever? Fresh herbs, but of course also wine and other surprises are just perfect.
2-3 different kinds of herbs; wooden box; colored paper; string, raffia or ribbon; 1 bottle of Ripasso wine from Albino Armani; 1 bar of milk chocolate from Munz in a gift tin; napkins.
  1. You need two rectangular pieces of paper per pot. The dimensions depend on the size of the herb pot. Here you need some sense of proportion. Place the pieces of paper staggered on top of each other.
  2. Place the plant in the middle of the paper, pull the paper up over the edge of the pot and secure it with string, raffia or ribbon.
  3. Now put the wrapped herb pots in the box and place chocolate, wine and napkins.
Perhaps you could combine this gift with some recipes that are related to the enclosed herbs.
Wooden boxes, herbs, Ripasso wine, milk chocolate and much more can be found on our online portal fleurop-home.ch.

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