Inviting - Easter bunny welcome!

Here the Easter bunny can already see at the front door that it is eagerly awaited. But of course, this wreath also creates a beautiful atmosphere.
Ready-made wreath (e.g. - from bonsai branches); small decorative eggs; feathers; various bulb flowers; willow catkins; ribbon; hot glue.
  1. Pull the willow catkins through the gaps of the wreath.
  2. Remove the soil from the plants and wash the bulbs thoroughly.
  1. Pull the bulb plants through the gaps of the wreath.
  2. Decorate the wreath with small eggs and feathers by fixing them with hot glue.
  3. Attach a string to the wreath and hang it in the desired location.
If you spray the wreath with water regularly, the plants will stay fresh longer.
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