Cute - flowering Easter nests

Looking for eye-catchers for table, sideboard, window sill or niches? These Easter nests are simply irresistible.
Oasis floral foam with plastic bowl; twigs; some Muehlenbeckia; various flowers; small decorative eggs; feathers; wire.
  1. Make a nest with the twigs and Muehlenbeckia. You may wrap it with wire to hold it together.
  2. Soak the floral foam in water until it is saturated, place it in the plastic bowl and then put it in the nest.
  1. Cover the Oasis sponge with flowers and garnish with decorative eggs and feathers.
Make sure that the floral foam does not dry out. Plus, these Easter nests make such a wonderful gift that even the Easter Bunny will be jealous.
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