Greetings from the Easter Bunny

Mischievous greetings from Easter Bunny Land! Easter wishes with longing from a bunny who would rather be with you now.

News from the Easter bunny: I'm eating the eggs myself this year. But how about these beautiful flowers?

Everything nice is either immoral, prohibited or makes you fat. Flowers are the only exception. Very best wishes for Easter ...

We're too lazy to hunt for eggs in the garden anyway, so the Easter Bunny is sending you a bouquet of flowers. Think of me!

The Easter Bunny has a new job and is now delivering flowers. Enjoy the long weekend …

Guaranteed low-calorie pleasure that will never make you put on weight! Warm wishes from the Easter Bunny …

The Easter Bunny is a realist and is bringing you flowers. After all, the saying is "a rose for a rose" … not "an egg for an egg", isn't it?

If you want kisses, give narcissus ... so they say. It's true at Easter as well! Now you know what I want, how about you? Warm Easter wishes

You must remember this, a rose is worth a kiss ... it's a good saying. Got the message?