Voucher in a surprise box

In many cases the surprise effect is just as important as the gift itself. So how about presenting the voucher in an attractive gift box? This decoration tip is easy to make, but extremely attractive.
PDF voucher; gift box; ribbon; 2 roses; thin string.
  1. Carefully pluck the petals of the roses.
  2. Fill half of the petals into the gift box.
  3. Fold the voucher so that it fits into the box.
  1. Tie the string around the voucher so that it looks like a small parcel.
  2. Place this parcel on the rose petals in the box.
  3. Cover it with the remaining rose petals.
  4. Close the box.
  5. Tie a ribbon around the box and give it a nice bow.
If you also place the box on some rose petals, the gift will look especially elegant.

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