The whole autumn on a tray!

The advantage of this picturesque tray is that it can be used indoors or outdoors or even for a romantic tête-à-tête. It is also made in a flash.
beautiful tray; several glasses of different sizes that have at least one thing in common (e.g. all in colorless glass); tealights; autumn flowers such as roses, zinnias, asters, Physalis alkekengi; autumn fruits such as decorative gourds, physalis, small apples, corn cobs, chestnuts, rose hips, lavender, etc.
  1. Place the glasses on the tray.
  2. Fill them with water and individual flowers or tealights.
  3. Place the fruits in the spaces between them.
When it comes to flowers, you can limit yourself to only roses or only zinnias. But you can also choose 1-2 colors, which you then pull like a golden thread through the whole tray. And another thing: this decorative idea can be put into practice so easily and quickly that it is also suitable for impatient people or those who are all fingers and thumbs.

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