Delicate as the summer sky

That summer also offers fine and light shades, shows our bouquet created by y Master. Playful and romantic, it enchants in the most beautiful purples and brings an airy mood into the home.

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Little Princess
CHF 38.00 - CHF 78.00
CHF 46.00 - CHF 86.00
Seasonal bouquet with Swiss flowers
Seasonal bouquet with Swiss flowers
CHF 45.00 - CHF 85.00
Little Flower Message
CHF 42.00 - CHF 82.00
Scent of Summer with Lavender
CHF 39.00 - CHF 79.00
Summer Star
CHF 65.00 - CHF 105.00
Sunflowers Pure
CHF 45.00 - CHF 95.00
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