Equality - gradually going beyond the stage of declaration of intent

If you doubt the meaning of Women's Day, we'll tell you here how women's rights were in Switzerland not so long ago.
Until 1962, female teachers were not allowed to marry
Who doubts the merits of International Women's Day is in an enviable position. For he (or she) apparently did not experience the time when women's lives were still very difficult, even in Switzerland. For a long time, girls could consider themselves happy to have the right to attend higher education, and the choice of profession was not a foregone conclusion either.

Or did you know that even at the beginning of the 1960s, women in Switzerland were not allowed to do postal apprenticeships? Or that until 1962 women teachers in the canton of Zurich were not allowed to marry?
Until 1988, a woman was practically at the mercy of her husband
Let us also mention that until 1988, according to Swiss matrimonial law, the husband was the head of the family, which gave him the right to manage the couple's assets as he wished and even to forbid his wife (or daughter) to work outside the home.

In Switzerland, women also had to wait a long time to obtain the right to vote. Today, fortunately, it is different because women are found almost everywhere. Girls attend higher education, vote in elections as adults and are also increasingly represented in the management of companies.

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