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Charming ideas for Valentine's Day

Liebeserklärung aus Besteck

To discover how to spoil your loved one from the moment they wake up and demonstrate your love until late in the evening, click on our headlines. Enjoy!

Single red rose with a grass heart as a loving way to lift someone's mood

Red roses stand for love, and so do hearts. Unite these two symbols and quietly stand the vase beside your loved one's bed early in the morning, or in a place where they will see it immediately on the way to the bathroom or living room.

diy: Rote Einzelrose mit Grasherzdiy: Rote Einzelrose mit Grasherz

1 deep red, long-stem hybrid tea rose; around 20 stems of bear grass; decorative wire; suitable vase.


  1. Lay the bear grass on the table with the stem ends pointing downwards and tie with decorative wire approx. 5cm above the end.

  2. Split the grass into two halves and form the rounded top of the heart by bending each half downwards in an attractive curve to form the point.

  3. Now tie the grass stems at the bottom with decorative wire.

  4. Attach the rose to the bear grass heart with decorative wire.

  5. Now all you have to do is place the rose in a tall, narrow vase ... all done!

the water should come half way up the stem of the rose.

If you aren't going to wake up at your loved one's side, we'll deliver your roses. The shop is HERE.

diy: Rote Einzelrose mit Grasherzdiy: Rote Einzelrose mit Grasherz


Breakfast perfection: with an orange heart and rose petals

Orangenherz und Rosenblütenblättern

Surprise your loved one with their favourite breakfast on Valentine's Day and spoil them with fresh rolls, fragrant coffee and freshly pressed orange juice. Here's an impressive way to present the juice.

oranges; juice press; long drink glass; heart-shaped biscuit cutter; red rose petals; knife; plate

Pure Spring

  1. Juice the oranges and pour the juice into the glass.

  2. Cut into used orange halves so that the peel lies flat on the table and remove the flesh cleanly to show the white inside.

  3. Cut out two to four hearts with the biscuit cutter.

  4. Arrange the glass with the fresh orange juice on the plate, decorate it with red rose petals and place one or two orange hearts on the top.

depending on the colour of the plate, the overall effect is even more striking if you place one of the hearts with the orange side and the other with the white side up.

You'll find impressive heartbreakers made by professionals HERE.

Orangen zum FrühstückHerz ausstechenOrangenherz und Rosenblütenblättern auf Tablett


Eye-catcher: rose bouquet with a love heart

Rosenstrauss mit Love-HerzchenRosenstrauss mit Love-Herzchen in Hand

A bouquet of red roses in the bathroom or on the breakfast table is romantic. However, if you combine every individual flower with an endearment or a declaration of love, your loved one will be totally captivated.

red roses; red cardboard hearts; white felt-tip pen; decorative wire; vase


  1. Make a small hole for the wire at the top right of the hearts.

  2. Write words of endearment or declarations of love on the hearts.

  3. Attach them to the rose stems with decorative wire, just below the head.

  4. Arrange the bouquet of roses in a tall vase and position it so that your loved one will see it in the bathroom or at breakfast.

the water should come half way up the stem of the roses. And according to the etiquette of flowers, if you're giving fewer than 12 you should give an uneven number. Unless, of course, an even number has a symbolic significance for you.

You'll find charming bouquets of roses made by professionals HERE.



Dinner for two: hot chilli decorations add extra spice

Scharfe Chili-Deko im TellerChillisChillis in einer ReiheScharfe Chili-Dekos

Love at First Sight, with Gottlieber cocoa almonds
A dinner cooked with your own hands topped the polls in a survey. So if you're into haute cuisine on Valentine's Day, we've got clever ideas for decorations using chilli peppers. For example, a heart, a napkin ring ... or both. Quick suggestions:

red chilli peppers; decorative wire


  1. Thread the wire through the peppers, lengthways or sideways.

  2. If lengthways, you can make a pretty heart.

  3. If you pierce them sideways then arrange them side by side, the result is an attractive napkin ring.

you can arrange chilli hearts on the plate at a "dinner for two" and later - before a hot night - hang them on the bedroom doorknob. The napkin ring needs no explanation.

By the way: the chilli is known in other parts of the world as paprika, peperoni, peperoncini or even pfefferoni. But it hots things up everywhere and is very popular in a very wide variety of cuisines!

You can also find something loving and romantic HERE.


LOVE: a special declaration of love made from cutlery

Liebeserklärung aus Besteck

To set the mood for a dinner for two, you can use cutlery and crockery for a creative declaration of love.

knives; forks; spoons; 1 plate; decorative heart

Liewbespaar mit Strauss


  1. Arrange the cutlery and plate on a table to form the word "LOVE".

  2. The idea is to make the L with knives, use a plate for the O, forks for the V and spoons for the E.


the knives for the letter L should be arranged so that the blade of the upper knife is concealed under the blade of the lower one of the vertical "leg".

We can deliver your Valentine's greeting anywhere in the world. The shop is HERE.