Tulips, the elegant and gracious spring flowers.

Did you know that the tulip is Switzerland's favourite spring flower? For centuries, people have been captivated, obsessed and even ruined by tulips. Little wonder, that there are few flowers as shrouded in legend as the tulip.

Do you want to surprise someone with tulips or make yourself happy with a beautiful bouquet or arrangement?

MyBouquet Red Tulips
Spring-Hit (arrangement) with chocolate ladybird
Stylish Miniature Tulip Garden
Tender Spring Greetings with Minor Split in trendy gift tin

Care tips:

Colorful Bouquet of Tulips with honey gift set
MyBouquet Purple Tulips
Trendy Tulip Art (arr. with selected french tulips)
Bouquet of Tulips in Yellow with bar of chocolate “Hello Sunshine“