May we introduce: Tobias. He is currently in training to become an IT specialist. He loves climbing and is a passionate guitar and piano player.
Name: Tobias Schär

Training: IT specialist

Department: IT

Hobbies: fitness, climbing, music (play guitar and piano), game design
This is how I joined Fleurop
Actually, I wanted to be a mediamatician. Unfortunately, I found too few vacancies in this industry. Nevertheless, I was sure that I wanted to go in the direction of computer science. Through an advertisement I came across Fleurop and applied there ... with success!

What I do
Currently I spend most of my time with support, both external and internal. This means that I support collaborators and florists when they have technical problems. By remote administration I have access to their PC and can solve the problems. Like all learners, I also do work such as the handling of company mail.

My favourite products from the plants for men range are «Charlie» and «George». I also like the product «Natural and Exquisite with Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (20cl)» very much.

Introducing Fleurop Young: