A selection of delightful New Year's texts & poems

Up in the heavens the stars shine out clear: I wish you happy festive times and a good New Year.

I wish for you in this new year, just the good things stay as they were. May everything else be new, exciting and open. - In short: I wish you a wonderful 2019.

May the New Year bring you happiness and hope. May you succeed in everything you do.

The New Year makes everything new, but please remain to yourself true!

People don't just get older, most of them get better as well. So - happy New Year!

The stars are shining bright and clear, I'm wishing you a wonderful year.

I wanted to give you a unique, wonderful and loving gift for New Year. As I unfortunately cannot send myself, I'm having this bouquet of flowers delivered instead.

Happy New Year - the cry is known. New Year brings luck into the home. The old year's faults are past and gone, the new one will see things better done.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … Happy New Year!

Hi, my little New Year fire-cracker. I wish you a happy New Year and am sending you - together with these flowers - lots and lots of New Year kisses!

I have paid 365 days full of love, happiness and success into your 2019 account with the Bank of the Future. Have fun spending them … and bring in the New Year in style! - By the way, the flowers are intended as a little extra bonus.

Still and quiet I'm taking this way, to send you these flowers today. With very best wishes for the year, I hope they bring you lots of cheer!

Live, love, laugh … and make the New Year into a celebration that brings you joy in life! - Very best wishes for the year to come

Very, very best wishes for the New Year. And remember that your eyes only see what your heart can feel.

The sun, moon and stars are all a long way away. But there are good things close to hand: wishing you a good 2019 and a happy New Year.

The New Year has just awoken, the first resolutions are already broken. Never to be fixed, I fear - but I wish you success and happiness in the New Year!

I drink tonight to good friends, eternal love, old times and new goals, the usual crazy life, and all that is past. Hoping that everything will turn out well - I drink to a good New Year! My thoughts are with you …

I've organised all the popping corks and fireworks of New Year's Eve just for you. Because I love you! Happy New Year …

A lonely clover leaf by the wayside lay. I picked it up and went my way. Now I'm giving it to you, hoping it will bring luck too. Happy New Year …

With all my heart I wish you 1 successful year, 12 healthy months, 52 wonderful weeks, 365 great days, 8760 pleasant hours and 525,600 happy minutes. Happy New Year …

I wish you everything and nothing for the New Year: everything that will make you happy and nothing that will spoil your happiness!

When night falls, we are greeted by thousands of stars. Every star is a light, a wish, a hope. May many of your plans be fulfilled in the New Year.

With these flowers I will be with you at midnight, making me the first to wish you all the best for the New Year!

Welcome to the New Year! Have you thought about what you want for 2019? I'm crossing my fingers for you … and surprising you with your first bouquet of flowers to start with!

The best thing you can wish anyone is that their own wishes will be fulfilled. So I hope with all my heart that all your wishes come true in the coming year! Happy New Year …

For the New Year, I wish you as much luck as the rain has drops, as much love as the sun has rays, and as many good things as the beaches of this world have grains of sand.

I'll protect you as much as I can your whole life long. If I only knew where to get one, I would rent a guardian angel for you. I thank you with all my heart for this wonderful year and wish for us both that the coming one will be just as good!

I thank you sincerely for the last wonderful year and wish that the coming one will be just as good.

The famous German poet Joachim Ringelnatz once wrote: "I don’t have the least feeling that the New Year will soon begin. I only notice time passing, just the same as it did at Whitsun". I feel the same way. All the same, very best wishes for the New Year ...

I'm the New Year fairy and there's nowhere I can go, very very sadly I'm stuck in the deep snow. And so I send you from afar, a bouquet of flowers and magical stars.

Tomorrow the old year will be past, bring the new one in well for luck that will last. Luck, health and joy the New Year will bring - may it make your heart sing!