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A selection of delightful Christmas texts & poems

The nicest Christmas present for me is to feel you close to me. I'm so sorry I can't be with you this festive season. So that you can see how much I'm thinking of you, I'm getting you into a Christmas mood with these flowers!

Good wishes for a merry and peaceful Christmas from …!

Good wishes for a merry and relaxing Christmas from …!

I wish you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and lots of happiness, love and joy.

The festival of love without you is like a Christmas tree without candles …! I miss you.

Christmas is approaching our door … and with every snowflake I love you more.

A Christmas wish sets off secretly and quietly on a distant journey. All my hopes are with its safe arrival. Because it's a message to say: I love you …

The nicest Christmas present is to feel you close to me. I'm so sorry we won't see each other over the festive period.

Christmas - a festival of joy. Unfortunately, it doesn't include enough laughter. - With this clever quote from Sartre, I wish you a merry Christmas …

This year I wish you an Advent, like those you in your childhood spent: no pre-Christmas rush, no gifts without warmth or meaning. - These flowers are sent entirely from the heart!

I wish you only the best for the coming festive season: a merry and relaxed Christmas and good luck, happiness and every success in the New Year.

Those who don't have the spirit of Christmas in their hearts won't find it under the Christmas tree. - I'm thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

I wish you a lovely festive season, that's quite clear with every reason. With scent of pine and candle light - may your heart be happy and bright.

If a bearded man dressed in red puts you in a sack: don't worry. I asked Santa Claus to bring me a lovely person for Christmas.

Christmas is a time for giving and for thinking about our friends and loved ones. I can't run to jewellery or mink, but this bouquet is a gift from the heart. Happy Christmas!

It's not the wax in a candle that's important, but the light. - Wishing you a light-filled Christmas season!

God's Christmas is filled with messengers ... and one of them has just reached you with a lovingly selected gift. I'm sorry I can't be with you. Very best wishes for Christmas!

Whether it's cold or icy, whether it rains or snows: may your Christmas time be pleasant and peaceful!

Making a gift means giving the other person something you'd really rather keep. I've chosen this most wonderful bouquet for you and it comes from the heart. Very best wishes …

Advent and Christmas are like a keyhole through which a bright light shines on our Earth even in the darkest night. I'm thinking of you …

The candles are shining bright, in your heart there glows a light: the Christ child leaves presents now too, as you can see, He's remembered you!

This day I've long looked forward to, because I want to spend it just with you. The man in Santa's disguise will be me, for what happens next, we'll wait and see. Here are the flowers to start with, Santa will arrive later …

Whether it storms, whether it snows, who care's what's outside the door; this is the merry Christmas time that all the kids adore. An angel's passing through the world who every wish can hear, and what a good child wishes for will soon be coming near. I heard you wished for these beautiful flowers! Warm Christmas wishes …

Ho ho ho, here comes Santa Claus. With all my heart I hope Santa's reindeer bring you Christmas days of heavenly peace, devilishly tempting food, and angelic pleasure. This bouquet comes to you so that you don't forget me …

I don't know what to give you. Just take me … and of course this surprise, which has been chosen with a lot of love and longing!

It's Christmas tomorrow. So I'm giving you something that will put you in a Christmas mood and will hopefully show that I haven't forgotten you. Very best wishes for Christmas …

Lots of lovely Christmas stars - someone sends you from afar.

I know that all you want under the Christmas tree is me. But as that's unfortunately impossible, I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas season this way!

I wish you a quiet and happy time: a light-filled celebration full of merriment, warmth and love! Merry Christmas …

With this floral greeting, I wish you a lot of wonderful things at Christmas - and every happiness, health and success in the New Year. Happy holidays!

When one person makes another the gift of love and hearts are happy and joyful, God comes down from Heaven and brings the light: then it is Christmas. With this Haitian Christmas carol, I also wish you a happy festive season!

Again the Christmas candles are bright, in every heart then shines a light. I also wish you much joy and light!

Christmas is a wonderful time in which I wish you joy, good luck and happiness. Very best wishes …

I know that time together would be the best gift I could give you. As that isn't possible at the moment, I'm sending you the next best: flowers! - Very best wishes …

French dramatist Pierre Corneille said that the manner of giving was more important than the gift itself. I believe that too, but despite that I've made an effort not only to choose my bouquet with love, but also to select the very loveliest one for you! - Merry Christmas …

I'm not able to write a letter, and that is very sad. But though my Christmas greeting is short, I hope it makes you glad! - Very best wishes …

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas - hear the music, see the lights. Frohe Weihnacht, frohe Weihnacht, merry Christmas allerseits!

We wish you a wonderful Christmas …

Millions of flowers live on this planet to make the world happy. I've given some of them to the Christ child as a surprise for you! - Merry Christmas …

Nothing is more precious to me than you! That applies at Christmas, too: I love you!

This year, I want to wish for me a Christmas like it used to be. No rush for the presents under the tree, no gifts without warmth or meaning for me.

I'm wishing for a silent night, brilliant with frost and snow gleaming white. A return to a bit of human kindness, that's my wish this year at Christmas.

For me, this year it would be good to have a Christmas like those of my childhood. Back in those days we were content, with little things that much more meant!

At this holy time, I wish you the nicest of nice things, the best of the fine!

At this time of year, without a sound, the Christ child goes out to visit around. Be good and nice and bear in mind: you'll only get presents if you are kind! Merry Christmas …

Last night, the Christ child came my way, and I asked him for something special today ... to deliver a Christmas bouquet to the person dearest to me in all the world.

Under the Christmas tree I'm lonely, with my pleasant dreaming only. I'd love to be with you today, but here I am all solitary! Think of me when you see this little Christmas tree …

Get ready to receive my flowers, they're flying in the Christmas hours! My wish for you for all the year, is lots of sunshine to bring you cheer!

All children sleep and dream the night before Christmas Eve. Nice things - and the Christmas tree - are in the dreams they weave. Enjoy this little Christmas tree, and sweet dreams!

For Christmas time my wish I've sent, candle light and merriment. And may the light of Christmas dispel the darkness everywhere.

Lots of lovely Christmas stars, someone sends you from afar.

My darling, favourite Christmas star, you've known for years how loved you are. Do you know what my dream for Christmas would be? You as a present beneath my tree!

Steeples, roofs, and branches are clad in white, the year draws to a close and the greatest celebration is upon us. The words of the great German writer Theodor Fontane are the perfect way to wish you a wonderful Christmas ...

I'm the Christmas fairy and there's nowhere I can go, very very sadly I'm stuck in the deep snow. And so I send you from afar, a bouquet of flowers and magical stars.

Pine trees, tinsel, baubles and light, the scent of baked apples, happy faces, the joy of giving, welcoming hearts: I wish you a merry Christmas with all its parts!