Spring decorations to make yourself

Looking for a delicate, charming or colourful spring mood indoors and out? Find out how to make stunning decorations with flowers, plants and accessories. Our experts tell tales out of school and provide ideas and tips. Have fun with do-it-yourself!

Nature and emotions


Have you ever realised how much energy is in a flower bulb? Put it on the test.

Material: Flat bowl; sand, foliage; possibly 2-3 particularly beautiful stones; branches; some forced bulbs of hyacinths or daffodils.

Method: Sprinkle sand on the bowl. Place the bulbs on top and decorate with foliage, branches and stones. If you spray a light cloud of water on this idyllic composition from time to time, you will very soon have the pleasure of having your own little homemade corner of nature.

Tip: Branches of apple tree, pear tree or hazel are particularly suitable, especially if they look gnarled or even mossy. To make the whole thing look as natural as possible, simply drop the branches onto the bowl. It will then look as if nature has staged it.

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Seductive spring nests

Small nests are popular in spring because the first songbirds gather in them. Here a spring-like variant only for the eye.

Material: wire mesh for rabbit hutches; uncut (long) hay; iron wire; plastic; oasis floral foam; spring flowers.

  1. Cut a piece of 80 x 30 cm from the wire mesh. 

  2. Cover the first 15 cm of the 30 cm (short side) with hay and then fold the remaining 15 cm onto the hay (wire mesh now measuring 80 x 15 cm).

  3. Bend the edges of the long open side so that the hay cannot fall out. 

  4. Connect the two short sides with iron wire. If you have understood everything correctly, you should now see a kind of hay-filled short cuff. It looks like the ring of a springform pan that still lacks the base.

  5. Reflect now on the shape you want to give your container. Whether it is round or oval: the bottom will define what will happen to this soft almost-ring.

  6. Place the cuff on a piece of wire mesh and change its shape until it is convenient for you. Once this is done, cut out the bottom (about 2 cm more than the desired shape).

  7. Then take this bottom, pass it through the cuff from above and fix it with wire.

  8. Cover the container now with plastic and fill it with Oasis florist foam soaked in warm water.

  9. When you have done this, plant - stem to stem - your beautiful spring flowers.kann.

Tip: This decoration has the advantage of being easy to transport and can be used anywhere.

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For your balcony or terrace: charming touches with muscari

If you're not familiar with grape hyacinths - muscari - you really should make their acquaintance. They’re delicate and special with a beautiful scent. Our decorative tip for them is extremely simple and can be done in a flash.

A pretty bowl, some grape hyacinths (muscari), soil and sand; possibly some snail shells or birdseed.

Muscari ins Gefäss pflanzen und etwas Sand über die Erde streuen. Wer gerne noch etwas „mehr“ macht, kann den Sand mit Schneckenhäuschen abdecken … oder mit Vogelfutter. Letzteres zieht die vielen Singvögel an. Und diese sind nicht nur ein hübscher Anblick, sondern zwitschern und tirilieren sich direkt in unser Herz.

Muscari planted without a bowl also do well. In niches or on narrow windowsills, two pots will be enough, on tables or other larger surfaces small and large groupings are effective.

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Serviette rings of birch twigs and muscari

A leisurely Sunday breakfast or Easter brunch coming up? Special napkin rings could cause a sensation.

A few birch twigs, a little decorative wire, some grape hyacinths.

Twist fine, soft birch twigs into a small wreath and tie them with a piece of wire. Next, place a festive napkin in the ring, together with a blooming muscari that still has the bulb attached. Of course, the bulb has to be rinsed a little and patted dry first.

After the meal the flowers can naturally be re-planted.

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Table decoration – colourful as a spring meadow

What is your vision of the spring? Colourful, cheerful and filled with flowers? In that case, we can make a suggestion for a bright table decoration.

Seedling pots made of peat which look like ordinary little plantpots; plastic; floral sponge; spring flowers; satin ribbon.

Line the seedling pots with plastic, fill them with floral sponge soaked in water and insert spring blossoms. Then tie a ribbon to match the flowers around the pots, and spring has arrived!

Only use one colour and variety of flower for each pot. And line the seedling pots really well with the plastic. They are made of peat, and peat absorbs water and then disintegrates. By the way, these cute little “flower vases” can be used individually or of course in groups: in a mixed arrangement on a tray or in a row.

Picturesque Spring Basket

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Hyacinth wreath: a fragrant decoration for your table

Perhaps you have some hyacinths in your garden? If not, pop out and buy some. You can use hyacinth blossoms to make pretty wreaths for so many things, and they also make beautifuly elegant table decorations.

hyacinths; decorative wire; possibly some nylon thread.

  1. Carefully cut the blooms off the hyacinths using a small pair of scissors.

  2. Thread them onto a fine length of wire.

  3. When you’ve threaded enough flowers to make a wreath, cut the wire and join the two ends.

  4. You now have the basis for lots of different decorations.

This elegant, fragrant decoration looks great anywhere. Use it to decorate plants, for example, or hang it from a handle on a chest of drawers. Also makes an eye-catching centrepiece on your table, or use to decorate plates, with or without name label, or as a napkin ring. Can also be used elsewhere, e.g. hung from window handles in the kitchen or perhaps even on your front door. Use a length of nylon cord to hang up your arrangement.

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Glass vases with decorative filling – spring dreams in a vase

Take … several pretty glass vases and fill them with spring flowers and/or twigs. Done – spring has arrived! Well, just a tad more complicated perhaps, but not much! Here are two variations.

Variation 1 with flower bulbs: glass vase; a little sand or soil; forced spring flowers such as hyacinths, tulips, etc.; moss; a few twigs of bilberry, cornus, birch etc.

Variation 2 with cut flowers: glass vase; twigs (e. g. cornus or bilberry); spring flowers such as tulips, narcissi, etc.

Variation 1 with flower bulbs:
  1. Wash flower bulbs under running water.

  2. Add a little sand or soil to the glass vase and plant the forced bulbs.

  3. Cover the surface with e. g. a little moss or add a few twigs. Done!

Variation 2 with cut flowers:
  1. Place a good handful of twigs in a glass vase with water.

  2. Arrange your favourite spring flowers inbetween the twigs. Birch branches and French tulips look particularly effective in tall glass vases.

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Party mood: hanging storm lanterns

Candles are a perennial favourite. Whether for a romantic tête-à-tête, an hour of solitude under a starry sky or a meeting with friends in the garden, candlelight is now an essential part of getting in the mood, all the year round.  Why not surprise your guests with unconventional storm lanterns to hang up?

Glass yoghurt pots; 1.8mm-thick wire; tea lights; spring flowers.

Cut a piece of wire for the handle, make it into a U-shape and bend both ends outwards to form hooks.  Then cut a second piece of wire slightly longer than the circumference of the yoghurt pot. Attach the handle to it and finally fix it round the neck of the yoghurt pot with pliers. Now all you need is the tea light, then you can hang the storm lantern on an especially cheeky-looking twig or graceful branch.

You can also fill one or two yoghurt pots with water and flowers.

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