10 April - Siblings Day

April 10th is a good date to contact favourite siblings and beloved pests. Want to know more about Siblings Day, the birth sequence, the influence of siblings and a Hindu custom?

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10 April - Siblings Day

Every year on April 10th the whole world celebrates Siblings Day. It was created in 1997 by Claudia Evart in memory of her brother and sister who died in an accident. She chose April 10th because it was her sister's birthday and she wanted to use this day to draw attention to the special bond that unites siblings.

In the meantime, this day has also become popular in Europe. It is used to contact brothers and sisters, and perhaps also to think of those with whom contact has become sparse or has broken off completely. In other words: surprise not only your favorite sister, but also the unsociable ones and the black sheep. Telephones, smartphones and social media, but also flowers, can be used for this. The latter are always well received because they open hearts and are simply loving.

The bond that unites Hindu «siblings»...

The Hindu rite Raksha Bandhan (translated: bond of protection) also celebrates the relationship between sisters and brothers. On this day, sisters of all ages tie an amulet, called rakhi, around the wrists of their brothers, which used to be placed on the altar of the house for some time, and thus express their sisterly love. Afterwards they put a blessing mark on the brothers' foreheads and wave an oil light in front of them. Now it is the brothers' turn. They offer their sisters small gifts and promise their support in life. It is interesting to note that women and girls have the right to commit themselves to other boys or men in this way.

However, since the amulet symbolizes purity, a rakhi relationship excludes a love affair. Women therefore still use the rakhi amulet today when they want to maintain a friendship but do not want to have a love story.

Firstborn, sandwich kid or nestling?

Studies on siblings led to astonishing results. Or did you know that firstborns are on average slightly smarter? This is because they enjoy special support from their parents at the beginning of their lives. This gives them self-confidence and often leads to success in their jobs. Middle children, also known as sandwich children, on the other hand, have to share their parents' attention with their siblings. Usually they get less care time, but learn to be diplomatic and willing to compromise - an advantage in life.

And what about the last-born children? They are considered spoiled. This often leads to the fact that the nestlings often feel unchallenged. But because they have a lot of siblings who are already capable of more, they develop faster to emulate them. But anyway. Flowers are guaranteed to make everyone happy on April 10th.

How brothers and sisters influence our lives

Did you know that much in our lives depends on how we deal with our siblings and with our birth order? For example, the fraternal quarrel from childhood is often a pattern of behavior for later. Conflict solutions, which we developed with our siblings, are later used in other situations and make our lives easier (or more difficult). The birth order, on the other hand, can influence our health. For example, younger siblings on average develop fewer allergies than older ones. This is obviously because when younger siblings are born, the home is already flooded with germs brought in by older siblings. That boosts their immune system. But siblings can also influence our body size. Firstborn babies are often taller than those born later. This can be explained by the fact that with every child that a couple gets, the resources of time, money and attention decrease and thus creates a «lack» that has repercussions on the body size.

Perhaps now you have something you can discuss on April 10. If not, flowers create bonds and are an ideal basis for reminiscing about common memories.

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