May we introduce: Sham. She is currently doing a commercial internship. In her free time, she plays the piano, likes to read and enjoys cycling.
Name: Sham Al Lahham

Training: commercial internship

Departments: call center, customer service, accounting, corporate services B2B / marketing

Hobbies: reading, playing the piano, cycling
This is how I joined Fleurop
After finishing the tenth year of school, I couldn't find a suitable apprenticeship, so I registered for a follow-up solution at the Job Plus motivation semester. Within a short time I found an internship at Fleurop in the accounting department. Fortunately, I got an apprenticeship for 2020.

What I do
At the moment I am responsible for the preparation and dispatch of additional articles (e.g. wafer rolls, honey, greeting cards and various accessories) for our partner florists. I also take care of the reordering of the products, so that there is no shortage in our stock. Various tasks that are handled in the office everyday life, such as making telephone calls, handling e-mails and complaints, are part of my work. During my apprenticeship I will visit the different departments of Fleurop and get to know many new activities. I am really looking forward to that!

My favorite bouquet
Roses belong to my favorite flowers, but I also find the colorful bouquets very beautiful! I like to give flowers to my mother, to surprise her and make her happy. Also, I am very happy about a surprise bouquet, who wouldn't be? :) The bouquet «Colorful Wishes» is one of my favorite bouquets. The beautiful bright pastel colors are suitable for any occasion to give my loved ones a joy and say thank you. The cheerful and summery nature of this bouquet will bring a smile to everyone's face.

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