May we introduce: Sham. She is currently in training to become a commercial employee and is happy to do challenging tasks in marketing.
First name, last name: Sham Al Lahham

Training: commercial employee

Departments: corporate services B2B / marketing, call center, customer service, accounting

Hobbyies: fitness and traveling
How I joined Fleurop
After my one-year internship, during which I had the opportunity to perform many commercial tasks, I started my apprenticeship at Fleurop.
My activities
Now I work in corporate service B2B and marketing. In the corporate service I am responsible for the daily business. This includes taking phone orders from our corporate customers and answering questions about existing orders; checking and answering mails when it comes to business registrations and other inquiries; checking and sending incoming internet orders in the B2B sector. In marketing, I help design the layout of content as well as banners, which we then use for our website. I am also in charge of evaluating our products for the home page. Finally, I participate in the photo shoot of our products.
My favorite bouquet
My personal favorite product from Fleurop is the bouquet «Fairy Tale in Pink». My favorite thing to do is to give flowers to my wonderful mother to make her happy and just say «thank you». Flowers touch every mother. 😊

My favorite flower

Delicate spring composition
CHF 40.00 - CHF 90.00
Thinking of You ...
CHF 46.00 - CHF 76.00
Sweet Spring Basket
CHF 46.00 - CHF 76.00
Sweet Surprise
CHF 48.00 - CHF 98.00
Spring meadow
CHF 35.00 - CHF 75.00
Butterflies in your stomach
CHF 40.00 - CHF 84.00
Delicate spring basket
CHF 60.00 - CHF 100.00
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