Sayings and stories on the theme of thanks


Danke, thank you, merci: with their power to open doors and hearts, the simplest of words often have the greatest impact. Read on to discover a selection of touching – and funny – thank you ideas and suggestions.

According to a Chinese saying, flowers that come from the heart keep you warm for three winters. So it looks like I'll soon be saving on heating bills when all I really wanted to do is say THANK YOU – for all your friendship and help!
Thank you for persuading me to enjoy a night out! The hangover, the bags under my eyes, the headache – it was all worth it! THANK YOU!
Thank you for your kind gift, my dearest treasure. But if you really have to give me a plant with thorns, please choose roses next time – LIKE THESE – not a cactus!
Dear Sandra, I'd like to thank you for your outstanding performance, sterling work and many creative inputs. It's great having someone like you on the team.
It was incredibly important for me to have you around during such a difficult time. I couldn't have coped with everything alone. THANK YOU!
Dear Ms XY. This little gift comes with heartfelt thanks for watering the flowers while we were away. We're so grateful to know we can always count on you!
It's all very well to slave away all day, but sometimes it's good to pause and remember how much one owes to good friends. Today is "Thank You Day" – and that's why I'd like to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do!
We had such a great time at your place! A warm thank you for the super invitation, we really enjoyed talking to you and the delicious food. Definitely an evening we'll remember for a long time.
A little thank you costs nothing to give, yet many people still seem to find that too expensive. Not us! We're sending you these flowers to say thank you for being around!
This flowery greeting and big fat thank you kiss are my way of saying just one thing: THANKS!
Thank you, Mum, for making such a wonderful child out of me (smile).
Thank you for always taking so much trouble to cook us delicious meals.
Mum, that chocolate cake you made was just fantastic! It's "Thank You Day" today, so I wanted to send you these flowers to say a big THANK YOU!
Dear Mr XY, sincere thanks for placing another order with us! We're delighted that you're happy with our products and will always do our utmost to ensure we may continue to count you amongst our best customers.
I just wanted to say thank you: for all the laughter that we share, for the understanding you always show and for your open mind about so many subjects. It's great to be able to talk about anything with you. THANK YOU!
Thank you for all the fun we have together. Thank you for everything that we do together. Thank you for being there for me when I need you. Thank you for being you.
Merci d’être toujours à mes côtés, de m’accompagner et de me conseiller, d’être là quand j’ai besoin de toi, de me prendre dans tes bras quand je suis triste et de savoir aussi bien (cuisiner/danser/rire/chanter).
Thank you for staying at my side, for helping me with words and deeds, for always being there when I need you, for your broad shoulder to cry on, and for being so good at (cooking/dancing/laughing/singing)!