Relax & Enjoy – Gottlieber Ice Tea Recipes

Let's go, to the balcony or the terrace, with a book and a glass of iced tea. We will tell you here how to make delicious iced tea from our tasty Gottlieber tea. Together with an original instruction for completely unique ice cubes.

Summer Sunshine with Gottlieber tea gift set
Natural Summer Bouquet with Gottlieber tea gift set

Would you like to add a flowery note to your drink? How about some flowery ice cubes? If you want, you can also add herbs and berries. Guaranteed to be an eye-catcher - even at any party.

For our ice cubes we used dried, edible petals, daisies, herbs such as thyme, lavender and mint as well as berries and lemon. .

Would you like to find out more about our teas: gunpowder green tea, white tea or fruit tea, their origins, history and effect? Would you like to hear some anecdotes about clever emperors, trained monkeys and British tea culture? Or would you like some tips on preparing tea?

Early Summer Fairy  with Gottlieber tea gift set
Noble Orchid (plant) with Gottlieber tea gift set
Gorgeous Bouquet of Flowers with Gottlieber tea gift set