Mother's Day

Hot tips for an absolutely perfect Mother's Day

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Normally, it's up to the mother to make sure everything goes right. On Mother's Day, it's the other way round. These tips will make the family celebration a mega success:

  • Plan the family breakfast, gifts, excursions or other surprises in good time and sort out who will do what. The main priority is for Mum to be able to relax, she's not supposed to do anything for once.

  • An essential part of Mother's Day is flowers, flowers, flowers: as a gift and also for decoration. Toddlers can pick a bunch of flowers all by themselves, fathers and grown-up children can give Mum's favourite flowers. However, loving eye-catchers on the breakfast tray, in the bathroom, on the dining table or balcony will work wonders and charm the heart of the best of all Mums.

  • A meal cooked at home by the family members, a lovingly prepared picnic outdoors or a brunch in the garden are perfect highlights. The main thing is that the mother of the house doesn't have to take care of anything.

  • Mothers love surprises. How about a leisurely bike ride? An atmospheric stroll? Or an attractive excursion, possibly even with a night away from home? The important thing is for Mum's preferences to be considered, not those of the children.

However, time spent together is probably the most important thing of all. That also applies to teenagers, who for a time may not be able to get particularly excited about Mother's Day, and to "grown-up children".

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