Mother's Day: Playful nostalgic decoration tips

Mother's Day 2019 - the best decoration tips and gifts for the best of all mothers. Click on the headlines that interest you and get to work (DIY)!

Mother's Day gifts – in floral packaging

A box of chocolates, the finest Gottlieber Hüppen or delicious cocoa almonds: sweet treats are doubly welcome when decorated with lovely, fresh flowers. What's more, the best of all mothers will realise immediately how much love there is behind this gift.

Materials: Rose blossoms; red pepper; SuperDots (double-sided adhesive pads); hot glue.

Method: Wrap the gift attractively. Attach the rose blossoms to it with SuperDots and apply the red pepper with hot glue.

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Good mood: multicoloured rose arrangement

A Basket full of Happiness with chocolate ladybird
Happy and enthusiastic mothers deserve a little pampering with decorations that - like them - spread good humour and put a ray of sunshine in their hearts. Our proposal is easy to implement.

Material: container; plastic sheet; floral foam; foliage composed of branches of laurel, ivy, boxwood, etc.; sharp knife; roses of different colours.

  1. Line the container with plastic sheeting to make it truly waterproof.

  2. Fill it with water-soaked floral foam.

  3. First prick the foliage into the moss until it is almost invisible.

  4. Then take the roses, starting with the most beautiful one that should be placed in the center of the container to determine the highest point of the arrangement. To do this, choose neither the largest, nor the smallest, nor the lightest, nor the darkest of roses, but the right middle.

  5. Shorten the rose stem with a sharp knife (long slanted cut) before pricking it into the moss. Caution: To ensure that the roses get a good supply of water and do not fade quickly, make sure that the stems are half immersed in the water. Before cutting the stem, determine the length of the stem that should extend beyond the foam. Double this measurement and then cut.

  6. To prick the rose in the moss, hold the rose bud in one hand without tightening it and gradually push the stem in with the other hand.

  7. After placing the central rose, prick another 3 to 5 roses around it in the moss. Make sure they are almost as high as the first one.

  8. Then place the roses along the container by pricking them obliquely into the foam and thus defining the ends of the container. Keep in mind that the central and lateral roses must form a half-sphere at the end.

  9. Start at the centre and work your way to the edge. As mentioned, try to achieve as perfect a half-sphere as possible with the roses by continuously rotating the container and examining the result on each side. Ensure that the colours and size of the flower buds are evenly distributed.

Tip: This arrangement is suitable for indoors and outdoors.  When you realize it, you can of course also take into consideration your mother's favorite color.

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Fun: early summer - served on a tray

Sweet Spring Basket with Gottlieber cocoa almonds
How about a tray covered with flowers? This delightful decoration is quick to realize. In addition, everyone can participate because each family member can bring one or the other of the flowers and glass vases.

pretty tray; many glasses and glass vases of different shapes; early summer flowers in delicate pastel shades, e. g. poppy, freesias, hortensisa; possibly sugared almonds.

  1. Place the water-filled vases on the tray.

  2. Distribute the flowers and make sure that the colours match.

  3. Option: choose a convex vase and not very high to put sugared almonds in.
Tip: depending on the furnishing and preference, monochrome flowers are also beautiful – or flowers, grasses and flowering branches from the garden. This transportable decoration can be placed anywhere, inside or outside, according to your wishes.

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Poetic: elegant floral jewelry box

Heaven on Earth, with Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (75cl)
jewellery box or other box if possible with a lid; plastic sheet; possibly wire of at least 1 mm diameter; florist's foam; moss; early summer flowers in delicate pastel shades; possibly narrow satin ribbon; hot glue.

Schmuck- oder andere Dose, möglichst mit Deckel; Plastik; evtl. Draht von mind. 1 mm Stärke; Steckmasse; Moos; frühsommerliche Blumen in feinen Pastellfarben; evtl. schmales Satinband; Heissleim.

  1. Line the box with the plastic sheet.

  2. Fill it with water-soaked floral foam and cover it with moss.

  3. Shorten the stems to the right length with a sharp knife (roses: long slanted cut) before pushing them into the florist's foam.

  4. If there is a wide variety of colours, make sure that the different colours are evenly distributed.

  5. Surround the lower edge of the lid, or the box, with satin ribbon allowing the two ends of the ribbon to overlap by approx. 2 cm on the front side of the container.

  6. Fix them with a little hot glue. Make sure that the glue stays between the ends of the ribbon and does not dirty the precious metal

  7. To hide the ends of the ribbon, make a nice little loop with another piece of ribbon and glue it there.

  8. If the lid will not stay open on its own, lean it against the box or secure it with wire inserted between the box and the lid.

you will find similar boxes at an antique dealer or in a specialist store. A box like this is much more than just a decoration. It is also an elegant gift for Mother's Day.

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Loving: gypsophila heart for romantic moms

Many Thanks (Bouquet)

"We love you very much!" This filigree gypsophila heart speaks for itself. It works wonders wherever it is and shows that Mother's Day is not a pretence.

heart-shaped cardboard template; 5 to 7 gypsophila branches; gold plated or silver plated wire (winding wire); possibly test tube with lid; possiblor rose.

  1. Cut the gypsophila to a length of about 5 cm.

  2. Take a little gypsophila, place it on the cardboard, fix it with the wire and move forward in this manner gradually and layer by layer until the whole heart is covered all over with gypsophila on both sides.
to enhance the heart, simply place it on an attractive support (e.g. wood or fabric) or hang it - with a ribbon - on a door or window. As an alternative, you can also decorate the heart with a rose. To do this, it will first be necessary to make a hole in the cardboard template for the test tube and only then covered with gypsophila. Finally, insert a rose into the test tube filled with water and push it through the gypsophila into the hole provided. The advantage of this variant is that the test tube protrudes from below, so that the heart lies slightly at an angle on a flat surface, making it even more attractive.

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Scented: table decoration with kitchen herbs and rose

Tisch-Deko mit Kräutern und RoseTisch-Deko mit Kräutern und Rose

Herb Basket (planted)
Does your Mum love kitchen herbs, and is she an aesthete at the same time? In this case, here is a very elegant solution that will be perfect as a centrepiece or as a decoration for place settings. Your mother will be delighted.

Material: rose; test tube with plastic lid; fresh kitchen herbs (lemon thyme, sage, mint and melissa are very pretty); satin ribbon.

  1. Fill the test tube with water and close the lid.

  2. Cut the rose stem with a sharp knife and insert it through the lid into the test tube.

  3. Surround it with fresh kitchen herbs and then attach them with the satin ribbon.


this decoration may be dried. Thus, it will remain very attractive.

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Atmospheric: lantern with kitchen herbs and rose

Brunch for the best of all moms in sight? In this case, you absolutely need a table decoration to make her feel your love and gratitude. Here is our advice for making a fragrant lantern with kitchen herbs.

canning jar; narrower container that you can insert into the jar; aromatic kitchen herbs; candle; possibly rose; satin ribbon.

  1. Fill the jar with a little water and arrange the aromatic herbst herbs in it.

  2. Take a slightly narrower vase with a candle and place it as it is in the middle of the jar, so that it slightly dominates the herbs.

  3. Surround the jar with the satin ribbon and make a pretty bow. All you need to do now is to light the candle.
as kitchen herbs, you can use a bouquet of rosemary, thyme and lemon balm, for example, because they exude harmonious scents and their stems are partially rigid. Alternatively, you can decorate the small bouquet of herbs with a rose instead of the candle. This decoration arranged in line will look best in the centre of the table, but also individually near each plate.

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