Magic of Christmas

Fancy a Christmas atmosphere? Then it's time for poetic eye-catchers, atmospheric lights, glamorous compositions and cheeky details. Click on interesting headlines and enjoy the do-it-yourself (DIY).

Christmassy splendor: Seductive bowls

Advent and Christmas are perfect for creating contemplative eye-catchers. Bowl and candle are the starting point. As a filling material you simply take everything that puts you in the mood. Our list is only a suggestion.

Bowl; candle; Echeveria; some Kalanchoe leaves; small and large Christmas balls; small apples (ornamental apples); twigs of pink pepper; various other twigs; cones; wooden stars.


  1. Place the candle in the bowl.
  2. First distribute the larger accessories like cones, Echeveria, leaves and Christmas balls around the candle.
  3. Complete with apples, pink pepper, other twigs and wooden stars.
Thick, low candles are preferable. Not only do they look better in a bowl, they also have a more stable stand and offer more safety.

Elegant and beautiful: Lighted vases

Vases filled with Christmas accessories - a exciting issue, because they not only look good on side tables and sills, but also on the floor. Of course, the fairy lights should not be missing.

Glass vase; chain of lights; small and large Christmas balls; various cones; twigs; wooden stars; twigs of pink pepper; small apples (ornamental apples); Kalanchoe leaves.


  1. First place the chain of lights in the vase. Let the battery hang down at the back. When placing the vase, be careful not to see the battery.
  2. Light the fairy lights right at the beginning. You will see better how to fill the vase.
  3. Now alternate the Christmas accessories in the vase and make sure that colorful and shiny elements are evenly distributed.
If you love Christmas scents, you can add some cinnamon sticks to the decoration.

Gifts, which you most reluctantly unpack

Even small gifts can make a big impression. Namely when they are particularly pretty and lovingly packaged. Here are some suggestions that are easy to realize.

Brown paper; various conifer twigs (e.g. Chamaecyparis, Thuja etc.); stars; ribbons and/or string; wire; hot glue or superglue.


Pack gifts carefully with brown paper. For the green decoration there are various variants.

  1. Variant Christmas tree:
    Choose a conifer twig that looks like a Christmas tree and cut it to size if necessary. Remove the green at the lower end so that the naked branch looks like a "tree trunk" and decorate it with a beautiful loop. Glue the tree onto the package and fix the stars to it.
  2. Variant wreath:
    Make a small wreath out of conifer twigs with the help of wire. Now insert a piece of ribbon on the right and left through the opening, place the wreath on the package and glue the two ends of the ribbon, which result on each side, to the back.
  3. Variant star:
    Tie a string around the package. Use hot glue to form a star from conifer twigs and stick it onto the package. Now glue a wooden star onto the conifer star.
Choose conifers that look good even when dried (e.g. Chamaecyparis, Thuja).

Orchid in the snow

In Switzerland, the Christmas season is usually associated with snow, although it is becoming increasingly rare. So why not combine an orchid with (artificial) snow?

Glass vase; orchid plant; Snow powder (artificial snow); twigs; stars; Christmas balls.


  1. Put some snow powder in the vase and place the plastic pot with the orchid on it.
  2. Now fill the vase with snow powder up to a few centimeters below the edge.
  3. Decorate the snow surface with twigs, balls and stars according to your taste.
It is best to use a kitchen-hopper for filling snow powder. Give the orchid plant - depending on the room temperature - once or twice a week 1 shot glass of water (attention: Orchids should be watered sparingly rather than generously).

Orchid in a charming cone pot

Those who love fairy worlds are always looking for surprises. You will hardly see our cone vase anywhere else. Moreover, it is made quickly.

Orchid plant; fir cones; silver-colored deco wire; stars; Christmas balls; hot glue; possibly twigs.


  1. Fix the fir cones (tip upwards) to the plastic pot with hot glue until it is completely covered.
  2. Wrap the silver-colored wire for a couple of turns around the cones and twist the ends to secure it
  3. If you do not like the green orchid sticks, replace them with natural twigs.
  4. Decorate cones and twigs by sticking stars to them.
  5. As a finish, decorate the surface of the orchid with stars and Christmas balls.
To avoid water damage on the furniture, it is best to place the orchid on a nice plate. Give the orchid plant - depending on room temperature - once or twice a week 1 shot glass of water (attention: Orchids should be watered sparingly rather than generously).

Christmas cookies for birds for balcony and garden

If you would like to offer the birds a Christmas treat and have an original decoration too, our Christmas cookies for birds are the perfect solution.

Birdseed; pan; 1 bowl; tray covered with tin foil; gelatin; various cookie cutters such as heart, bird, butterfly, star, fir etc.; drinking straws; ribbon, approx. 5 mm wide.


  1. Place the cutters on a tray covered with tin foil.
  2. Depending on the number of cookie cutters you want to fill, take about the appropriate amount of birdseed.
  3. Boil about as much water as you have birdseed and pour the boiling water into the empty bowl.
  4. Add an appropriate amount of gelatin to the water and stir until the gelatin has dissolved.
  5. Slowly add the birdseed to the gelatin water, stirring constantly. Make sure that the birdseed is completely covered with this gelatin-water mixture.
  6. Fill the cookie cutters carefully with the mixture. Press it firmly with the back of a spoon to prevent cavities.
  7. Place a drinking straw in the middle of each cookie cutter. This will give you a hole at the end through which you can pull a ribbon to hang the cookie.
  8. Put the tray in the refrigerator for a few hours and then in a heated room so that the mass in the cookie cutters can dry completely (at least 12 hours, longer would be better).
  9. Now carefully remove the cookies from the cutters. Make sure that the corners do not break.
  10. Remove the straws and insert a ribbon through the holes. The ribbon should be long enough so that you can hang the cookie on the balcony or in the garden.
If children are involved in the creation of this original bird food idea, you should keep them away from boiling water.