Jewellery with SWAROVSKI® Crystals

Sparkling jewels, a unique success story, a glittering theme park and dazzling connections to stars and celebrities: that is Swarovski.
Jewellery with SWAROVSKI® Crystals: total emotion!
When affection, love in all its forms or friendship are at stake, we will be happy to combine your flowers with your choice of jewellery:

  • The eloquent heart (Eternal Love) of Swarovski® Crystal hangs on a satin ribbon and is presented in an organza bag.
  • The sparkling heart-shaped keyring is made of high quality metal, enhanced with 112 SWAROVSKI® Crystals and delivered in an organza bag.
SWAROVSKI - a success story beyond compare
In 1895, Daniel Swarovski founded a company to work with crystal in the Tyrolean village of Wattens.

At that time, no one dreamed that he would revolutionise the fashion industry with his new method of cutting and polishing jewellery-quality crystals.
Today, Swarovski is the world leader in the manufacture of precisely cut and polished crystals. These are not only used in the fashion and jewellery industry, but also in light planning, architecture and interior design.

Even the most prestigious international designers work with Swarovski.
Swarovski's accessory, jewellery and home decor collections are sold in more than 1600 outlets worldwide.

What's more, Swarovski's «Kristallwelten» (Crystal Worlds) leisure park in Wattens enchants hundreds of thousands of visitors year after year.
Swarovski's leisure park in the Tyrol
If you go to Wattens in Tyrol you can hardly fail to see a water-spouting giant that forms the heart of the «Kristallwelten» (Crystal Worlds) leisure park and conceals 14 chambers for which famous artists have created fascinating works in crystal.
For example, «Silent Light», a sparkling winter magic; «Ready to Love», with many hearts and glittering love messages; «Chandelier of Grief», with a rotating Swarovski crystal chandelier and spectacular mirror installations;

«Eden», a fantastic primeval world with mighty waterfalls and a forest full of treasures; «Eisgasse» (Ice Lane), an empty corridor that suddenly comes to life upon entering and much more.
Last but not least, Swarovski presents surprises with its exciting programme of events for art lovers, creative amateur artists and shopping fans.

A visit to this illusionistic, glittering world is definitely worth a trip, all the more so because of the impressive large gardens.
Glamour on the Red Carpets thanks to Swarovski
For more than 85 years, Swarovski has worked with some of the most talented costume and jewelry designers and set designers.

From Bond Girls to Aristocrats, from Downtown Abbey to Broadway to the Academy Awards, Swarovski brings glamour to everything.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, for example, caused quite a stir in February 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami with their dazzling looks using Swarovski crystals. And at the 76th Venice Film Festival in 2019, award-winning actress Penélope Cruz put her own Atelier Swarovski collection in the spotlight, both privately and on screen.
But Swarovski also forms an indispensable component of haute couture.

Its creative partnerships with the fashion world range from Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli to today's icons of the runways.

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