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Are you looking for a great gift for your girlfriend's birthday or a cool contribution for your next party? Or do you want to say congratulations to your friend on passing his driving test? Or you've just wrecked your colleague's car?

Why not say thank you, sorry, hurrah, get well soon or I love you with flowers? You'll find a selection of cool new products that our apprentices at Fleurop have put together specially for you here. You can also find out below how easy it is to order from us.

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Flowers from Fleurop – nothing could be simpler!

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Name: Valbone Idrizi

Training: Commercial apprenticeship, 3rd year

Department: Currently Accounts

Hobbies: Going to the cinema, reading, fitness training

This is how I joined Fleurop

Because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for a living, I went on to complete Year 10 at school. The opportunity of a commercial internship with Fleurop then came up. I really enjoyed it and was happy when Fleurop offered me an apprenticeship afterwards. So far, I've got to know the Call Centre, the Customer Service and Corporate Service departments, now I'm in Accounts. Wherever I've been, the team has been cool and the work interesting and varied.

What I do

At the moment, I enter bank receipts, keep the cash account and answer phone calls and email enquiries from Fleurop partners. I also send out add-ons and accessories ordered by florists' shops.

Romantic Winter Dream
I love receiving flowers … but I also love giving them, particularly to friends and family members. It just makes me mega happy to give people pleasure. That's why I gave a girl friend flowers not long ago to congratulate her on passing her exams. One of my favourite products just now is the "Romantic Winter Dream" bouquet because roses are my favourite flowers.

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Flower Fairy with Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (20cl)