Delights - Exclusive products for special moments

Whether it's sweets, spreads, wines, Prosecco, spirits, tea or honey: here you are spoilt for choice and you can really pamper yourself.
When are moments «special»? Depends entirely on you. For some it is breakfast, for others it is coming home after a hard day's work.

But it can also be a birthday, a romantic tête-à-tête, a special visit or simply the desire to treat yourself spontaneously to something good.
Here you will find tempting delicacies, such as exclusive Prosecco, fine wines, wonderful gin, various kinds of honey, sweet temptations and even unique Tsüri sauces that go well with meat, fish and vegetables.

Do you fancy special highlights from Gottlieber, Armani, Bee-Family or Maestrani? You will find them with us. It's best to order now and stock up on supplies.

Our products for gourmets

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