With lots of love for Valentine's Day

Would you like to have it rain red roses for your sweetheart? And let him feel at every turn how much you like him? Click on our headlines ... and have fun implementing our tips.

Valentine's Day gifts that scream «I love you»

A bar of Swiss milk chocolate with a lovingly designed gift tin, delicious Gottlieber cocoa almonds or exquisite Minor Split Minis: decorated with fresh flowers, sweet treats are always better. In addition, your sweetheart will immediately notice how much love is behind these gifts.

Artificial rose petals; bear grass; possibly eucalyptus; ribbons; pearls; wire; sisal heart; hot glue.

Swiss milk chocolate, cocoa almonds, Minor Split Minis, artificial rose petals, pearls, sisal hearts and much more can be found on our online portal www.fleurop-home.ch.


Variant Minor Split

  1. Tie a beautiful ribbon around the Minor Split gift tin.
  2. Attach the sisal heart with hot glue.

Variant cocoa almonds

  1. Wrap a nice ribbon around the stylish packaging of cocoa almonds.
  2. String some pearls on bear grass.
  3. Place the blades of grass, decorated with pearls, between the can and the ribbon.
  4. Now bend them and put the ends back into the ribbon at any point.

Variant chocolate bar

  1. Place a large ribbon around the gift tin and fix it on the back with hot glue.
  2. Use hot glue to attach artificial rose petals and possibly some eucalyptus to the ribbon.
  3. Now set the highlights with some pearls, which you also fix with hot glue. This makes the ensemble even more attractive.
Distribute the treats so that your sweetheart can see them everywhere. The Minor Split may look good next to the coffee machine, the cocoa almonds are a welcome addition to the breakfast and the chocolate with the gift tin «Heart» creates the necessary atmosphere in the bedroom.

LOVE – say it with flowers

Love! This word can be said, sung or even written. But the variant we are now showing you is so unique that it will generate spontaneous enthusiasm and butterflies in your sweetheart's stomach.

3D Paper Mache Cardboard Letters (available in art supply stores); Oasis floral foam; plastic or cellophane; hot glue; various flowers and greens; snail shells; pearls.

snail shells, pearls and much more can be found on our online portal www.fleurop-home.ch.


  1. Place the Oasis foam in the water to get it wet.
  2. Cut the upper part of the cardboard letters with a knife so that you can use the existing hollow space.
  3. Place a plastic sheet or cellophane inside the letters and fill them with soaked floral foam.
  4. Insert flowers and greens into the foam. Make sure that the foam is no longer visible.
  5. Now attach snail shells, pearls, etc. with hot glue.
Are you planning an intimate aperitif or dinner for two? This declaration of love on the table will certainly create a wonderful atmosphere.

My heart beats only for you

What would happen if your sweetheart came home on Valentine's Day and the first surprise was already waiting for him when he hung up his coat? It's very simple.

Wire coat hanger; ribbons; fine silver wire; eucalyptus; hot glue; accessories such as artificial rose petals, snail shells, pearls, sisal hearts, etc.

artificial rose petals, snail shells, pearls, sisal hearts and much more can be found on our online portal www.fleurop-home.ch.


  1. Form a heart with the coat hanger.
  2. Tie the eucalyptus to the heart with silver wire.
  3. Let your creativity run wild and decorate now with pearls, ribbons, artificial rose petals, sisal heart or other accessories by simply fixing them with hot glue.
If you use nicknames like «Heart Breaker» or «Rosy Posy» etc. for yourself or your sweetheart, such accessories will have an even deeper meaning.

Give a plant with all your heart

If you like it unusual, here we have the idea for an original container with a plant that is particularly suitable for Valentine's Day.

Milk carton; ribbon; hot glue; plant (e.g. Ceropegia Woodii «String of Hearts»); sisal heart.

sisal hearts and much more can be found on our online portal www.fleurop-home.ch.


  1. Cut the top 5 cm from the milk carton.
  2. Wash it carefully.
  3. Scrunch the milk bag: turn and crumple it until the bag is soft.
  4. Carefully peel off the top thin layer of paper all around.
  5. Fold the upper end so that you have an edge of approx. 3 cm.
  6. Plant now a plant into the milk container. Especially beautiful for Valentine's Day is Ceropegia Woodii «String of Hearts» with its heart-shaped leaves.
  7. Tie a ribbon around the container, make a nice bow and stick a sisal heart on it.
As far as the color of the ribbon and the heart is concerned, you can choose: both in red, both in white, a red ribbon with a white heart or vice versa.

For Knights of Roses and Queens of Hearts

Red roses and hearts stand for love. So, here's a vase with flowers that says it all, and it's easy to make.

Glass bottles; red roses; ribbons; hot glue; accessories such as pearls and/or sisal hearts; silver wire; greenery such as bear grass, plumosus, eucalyptus.

you will find pearls, sisal hearts and much more on our online portal www.fleurop-home.ch.


  1. Fill the glass bottle with water and adjust the red rose with some green.
  2. Now you could put some pearls in the water and cover the bottom; or string some pearls on bear grass; or wrap a ribbon around the vase, tie a bow, and attach a sisal heart to it.
Since this decoration is relatively simple and made quickly, you could fill several vases. They are beautiful on the table, as a gift ... or even distributed throughout the apartment, perhaps even with small messages of love.

Declaration of love in a glass

«In vino veritas» is a Latin phrase that means «In wine lies the truth». So why not just proclaim the truth in a wine glass and express love that way?

Wine glasses; stabilized roses; ribbons; accessories such as artificial rose petals, pearls and sisal hearts; hot glue.

artificial rose petals, pearls, sisal hearts and much more can be found on our online portal www.fleurop-home.ch.


  1. Fill the wine glasses to a quarter with pearls.
  2. Add either rose petals to the glass or a stabilized single rose.
  3. Now use the ribbons and/or hearts. The ribbon can be tied around the stem of the glass and provided with a nice bow. The sisal hearts can either be placed on the rose petals in the glass or attached to the glass with hot glue. Hot glue can be easily removed from the glass later.
Surround the glasses with many rose petals. This looks amazing. Of course, a little message of love is always welcome.

Great tip for an unforgettable aperitif

A glass of Prosecco? Is always nice. But what if you serve the Prosecco in an ice bucket filled with rose petals? Here are our instructions.

Ice bucket; 1 bottle of Prosecco Albino Armani; sand; accessories such as artificial rose petals and pearls.

ice buckets, Prosecco Albino Armani, artificial rose petals, pearls and much more can be found on our online portal www.fleurop-home.ch.


  1. Put a layer of sand in the ice bucket.
  2. Place the Prosecco bottle in it.
  3. Fill the ice bucket with rose petals and pearls.
Rose petals distributed around the ice bucket are very attractive.