Decoration-tips for late summer and autumn

Late summer, autumn, Indian Summer: we're approaching a highly alluring season. We'll show you step by step here how to make stunning decorations from pumpkins and gourds, stems of wheat and other cereals, hydrangeas, lavender and much more. Have fun doing it yourself (DIY).

Atmospheric: funny little pumpkin faces

Indian Summer Arrangement (in a pumpkin)
Little Indian Summer
Pumpkins are decorative and can look extremely cute. Our decorative tip for them is extremely simple and can be done in a flash.

Materials: Small, round, smooth pumpkins, with stalk if possible; waterproof paints; satin ribbon.


  1. Use the paints to give every pumpkin a smiling face

  2. Attach a piece of satin ribbon to the pumpkin stalk and tie a pretty (hair-type) bow.

Tip: Try to make the faces as similar as possible, otherwise you get a busy effect. And these "little chimneysweeps" are particularly effective in groups, e. g. on a windowsill – or on the table in a row.

You'll find small and large mood-makers HERE.

Cool: pumpkin filled with flowers

Sunny Arrangement in a Pumpkin
Cute Basket of Flowers
Whether as a table decoration or effective eye-catcher: a gourd or pumpkin filled with summer flowers or the last roses of the year can look wonderfully romantic.

Materials: Decorative gourd; plastic; floral foam; tooth-picks or wooden skewers; seasonal flowers, tendrils from berry bushes or other plants; autumn leaves from the garden or woods.


  1. Cut off the upper third of the gourd like a lid.

  2. Hollow out the lower part, line it with plastic and fill it with floral foam soaked in water. Please note: cut the upper edge of the floral foam on a slant to form a watering lip.

  3. Next, insert flowers, leaves and tendrils into the floral foam.

  4. Stick two toothpicks side by side into the inside of the lid so that it can be attached to the upper edge of the planted part of the gourd.

Tip: If the gourd is fairly large, you may need wooden skewers instead of toothpicks. These should be cut to the desired length. And don't overdo the number of flowers, and use tendrils and leaves instead of flowers in the area where the lid will be placed. To avoid water stains on furniture, it's best to place the gourd on a base (e. g. a wooden board, flat stone or slate).

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Effective: bunches of oats

Smiley with Gottlieber cocoa almonds
Late Summer Basket with lilies
Corn is a beautiful late summer and harvest theme. You can use it to make effective decorations. One version is extremely simple.

Materials: Stems of corn (oats are ideal; however, rye, barley and others are also suitable); raffia; satin ribbon.


  1. Take one stem in your left hand (for left-handers: your right hand) and hold it firmly with your thumb. 

  2. Then add the other stems one by one, placing them at a slight angle to create a spiral. Please note: all the stems have to point in the same direction so that the spiral looks really pretty and doesn't end up looking like a game of jack-straws.

  3. Keep turning the resulting bouquet slightly from time to time so that it takes on a nice, round shape. Take care to make the ears at the top all at around the same level.

  4. Next, wind raffia firmly round the bouquet fairly near the top, bind the raffia so tight that the whole thing holds together well, and cover it with a pretty satin ribbon. If you've done it right, the stems below the binding will make up two thirds of the whole.

  5. Finally, cut all stems to the same length with a sharp scissors.

Tip: This decoration is suitable for the sideboard or as a table decoration when placed in a row. However, it also looks very good as an individual piece – in an alcove, for example.

Late summer flowers skilfully staged can also be found HERE.

Stylish: sheaf of corn with a single flower

Stylish (including vase)
A Basket full of Summer
When you think of rye, you automatically think of bread. But we'll show you that it's quite possible to make it into really stylish decorations.

Materials: Rye, spelt or wheat stems; raffia; satin ribbon; test tube; single flower.


  1. Take one stem in your left hand (for left-handers: your right hand) and hold it firmly with your thumb. 

  2. Then add the other stems one by one, placing them at a slight angle to create a spiral. Please note: all the stems have to point in the same direction so that the spiral looks really pretty and doesn't end up looking like a game of jack-straws.

  3. As soon as the sheaf is the right size, wind raffia firmly around the lower third, bind it so tight that the whole thing holds together well, and cover it with a pretty satin ribbon.

  4. Finally, cut all stems to the same length with a sharp scissors.

  5. Now turn the bouquet around so that it is standing on the ears and insert a test tube filled with water and a single flower in the top.

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Sparkling: Corn and flowers in a Champagne flute

Corn is versatile. This is an unusual idea from a master florist at the Fleurop Shop in Uster, who combined it with flowers in a Champagne flute to create an elegant table decoration.

Materials: Champagne flutes; stems of corn (e.g. oats); test tube; small flowers (e. g. a spike of phalaenopsis); narrow satin ribbon to match the flowers.


  1. Fill a flute with corn stems and take care that only the ears appear above the rim.

  2. Next, place a test tube filled with water and small-flowered blooms among the stems, making sure that the tube is not visible, and tie the satin ribbon around the stem of the glass.

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Lily Princess with Prosecco Albino Armani DOC (75cl)


Rainbow-coloured: a basket of Indian Summer

How about filling a basket with contents that reflect the colour, abundance and romance of this season? We'll show you how.

Materials: Chicken-wire mesh; ornamental gourds, corn cobs, chestnuts, physalis, branches of berries, etc.; test tube (optional); flower (e.g. sunflower, optional).


  1.  First make the wire container. To do this, shape the chicken-wire mesh into a tube and press the mesh inwards on one side to form a base.

  2. Fill the wire basket. The more varied you make the mix of colours and sizes for the content, the more interesting and attractive they will look. Make sure not to position delicate fruits such as physalis or branches of berries, where they could be crushed. 

  3. If you would like to decorate the arrangement with a flower, just squeeze a flower in a test tube filled with water into the contents of the basket.
Indian Summer Surprise
Chrysanthemum Plant (yellow) in a basket
Indian Summer in a Basket
Tip: When the flower withers, you can change it for a fresh one. You can also change the other content elements from time to time. This decoration has the advantage of being easy to move, and it can be used anywhere you need an effective eyecatcher. By the way, you can also buy chicken-wire baskets ready-made.

No desire for DIY? Go to our eyecatchers HERE.


Fancy:  an assortment of fruits on a skewer

Late Summer Dream
Indian Summer-Garden (planter)
September begins, and we're thrilled not only by the woodlands, but also by fruits such as chestnuts. They can be used to create clever decorations.

Materials: Metal skewers; chestnuts; corks; Chinese lantern flowers (physalis alkekengi); dried apple slices, etc.


  1. Drill a small hole in the chestnuts and corks.

  2. Next, push the attractive "ingredients" including the physalis, dried apple slices, etc., onto the skewers.

These imaginative skewers are effective in a wide variety of places. You can liven up balcony tubs and lovely autumn plantings with them, or use them as a table decoration. People will love them, not only your family, but also friends and acquaintances.

You will find creative decorations by professionals HERE.


Stunning: eyecatchers with late summer charm

Pick-me-up including vase
Summer Bouquet
A glass vase is essentially like a display window: everything you put into it is on view. That makes them interesting, now more than ever.

Here's a little tip for charming and absolutely dazzlingly beautiful vases.

Materials: Glass vases (the ones from Fleurop are especially suitable); autumn eyecatchers like chestnuts, physalis, rose hips, lavender, decorative apples, ornamental gourds, hazelnuts, branches of berries; test tube (optional); flower (optional).


  1. Fill the vases. You can mix the contents per vase (e.g. ornamental gourd, chestnuts, physalis and lavender), or use only chestnuts, only lavender, only decorative apples, etc., for each vase. 

  2. If you think there's something missing without the seasonal flower, just place a test tube filled with water in one corner of the vase and insert a beautiful rose or lovely dahlia in a warm colour.

Tip: If you place several vases beside one another, it's more effective if you fill each vase with just one material (e.g. physalis only, rose hips only, hazelnuts only).  Fleurop's range of vases are perfect for this. They are available in every Fleurop florist's shop or can be ordered – together with a bouquet of flowers – from

Vases designed and filled by professionals are also available HERE.


Totally trendy: the hydrangea garland

Basket Filled with Delicate Flowers
Poetry with Roses

Large blossoms, phenomenally beautiful colours: hydrangeas are more popular than ever. They're at their loveliest in late summer. What's more, they look fantastic even when dried.

Materials: Garland base of polystyrene; hydrangeas; wire; clasps; hot glue.    


  1. The hydrangea blossom consists of a large number of umbels that merge at the stem. Divide up the hydrangea in such a way that the stalks remain on the umbels.

  2. Next, fix the umbels closely to the garland base with clasps so that the base is concealed and the wreath looks really plump. Choose longer-stemmed umbels for the outside and the shortest ones for the inside, keeping the most attractive-looking umbels for the middle.

  3. Purists will use the garland in this form, while others will adorn it with a pretty silk or satin ribbon.

Tip: If the base still shines through here or there when finished, close any gaps with individual umbels or blossoms by simply sticking them on with hot glue. The same applies if the shape of the wreath isn't quite balanced and has to be evened out a little. You can spray the dried hydrangea wreath during Advent with white, gold or silver: all over or just with a touch of colour. That looks incredibly effective and elegant.

You prefer a professional's Indian Summer dream? Find it HERE.


Romantic: lanterns with special style

Simply Heavenly ...

You can never have enough atmospheric little vases and lanterns. That's why we're going to tell you how to trim the ones you already have to suit the current season, quickly and effectively.

Materials: Drinking glasses or tealight glasses; lavender; winding wire; floral foam (optional); seasonal flowers (optional).


  1. Cut the stems of the flower clusters a little longer than the height of the glasses.

  2. Take 2-3 stems, attach them to the glass with winding wire and continue until the whole glass is covered.

  3. Next, cut the protruding stems off evenly at the bottom of the glass so that the glass is stable.

  4. Insert a tealight into the glass – all done.

Instead of a lantern, you can also make a vase out of this little eyecatcher. Just put some water and flowers in it and – abracadabra – you have the prettiest vase you could wish for or a super table decoration.

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Funky: the luminous pumpkin

You'd love an absolutely out-of-the-ordinary lantern that's guaranteed to match the season?

We'll show you how to make a perfectly normal ornamental gourd into the star of the evening.
Charming Fall Basket
Materials: Fairly flat ornamental gourds; tealights.


  1. Make a hole big enough for a tealight in each gourd.

  2. Insert a tealight, light it and enjoy the moment.

Tip: If you place several gourd lanterns in a row, it looks more elegant if the gourds are similar, at least in colour.  

You'll find more funky stuff HERE. 


Incredible: autumn – served on a tray!

You'll always score a hit by arranging decorations on a tray. They're handy, quick to make and can be moved easily. Try it. You'll love it!

Materials: Favourite tray; lots of large and small glasses that have something in common (e.g. colourless glass); tea lights; autumn flowers; autumn fruits such as ornamental gourds, physalis, little apples, corn cobs, chestnuts, rose hips, lavender, etc.

  1. Place the glasses on the tray.

  2. Put tealights in one, and water and single flowers in the others. 

  3. Finally, fill the spaces in between with autumn fruits. 

This decoration can be refreshed, varied and adapted to the occasion with little effort. For the flowers, for example, you can focus on roses or zinnias only. However, you can also select 1-2 colours and use these as a consistent theme across the whole tray. Another great thing is that this decoration is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, not to mention that it can be made in no time.

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